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A Year in the Life of Klaus

What a pleasure it is for us to receive photos of our kittens when they reach milestones throughout their lives. Kelly blessed us with a year in photos of Klaus. Along with the photos came the notice of the birth of their son Luca.

“Please see some of our favorite photos of Klaus attached (and one of Luca!). You get a glimpse of his personality (re: just how stubborn he is) ☺ He will always be our first baby!!”

So why is Kelly saying he is stubborn?  They tried to get him to stop jumping on the kitchen counters.  One of the recommendations in a book I recommended to her said to put a cat tree near the area you don’t want your cat on and he will go on the cat tree instead. So they put it next to the kitchen counter. What does Klaus do? He lies on the counter but puts his paws on the cat tree and looks at her as if to say “I’m on the cat tree; isn’t this what you wanted!”

I’m on the cat tree!

If you want to keep your cats off the counters, you can try but I am kind of in the camp of Cole and Marmalades’s pet parents.


For My Baker Friends

Recently a friend commented that I have not posted anything on baking lately.  For those of you who are new to my blog, another one of my passions in addition to Siberians is baking.  When we lived near Springfield I was very busy at this time of year trying out new recipes for entries in the Illinois State Fair Culinary contests.  Crystal Lake is just too far to commute back and forth to Springfield for two weeks. Consequently my baking trials (and errors!) have been few this year. But recently I have had the opportunity to put on my apron and dust the kitchen with lots of flour – of course, that is King Arthur Flour!

My granddaughter, Neah, graduated from Palatine High School and her parents threw a wonderful party for her.  SueEllen asked if I would like to bring the dessert. Neah was afraid it would be too much for me but I said “I would absolutely love to bake for your party.”  This was her dessert buffet menu:

Chocolate Praline Cake

Apple Pies

Cream Puffs

Brownies with chocolate chips

Brownies with toasted pecans

Mexican Wedding Cookies


Caramel Pecan Fudge Tarts

Cookie Press Butter Cookies

Sour Cream Banana Cake Squares with Butter Cream Frosting

We buzzed off to the party, car loaded with desserts, kitchen left in a disaster!  But my wonderful friend Sara was at our house and when I came home the kitchen was clean and all the dishes done!


If you look closely, you will see the party had an Alabama theme — where Neah will be going to college — Roll Tide!

So after the party, now I am on a roll!  Part of my support for Refuge for Women is to bake cakes for birthdays and other milestones.  These are two cakes I made during the last two weeks.


Well I better close off and head to the grocery store. Tomorrow is Father’s Day which means I need to buy more flour! Think I will make an apple pie (husband’s favorite) and cherry pie (son-in-law’s favorite)!


Happy Baking!

Maggie’s New Babies

Magdalena and Mr. Silver are proud to show off their new babies born on Memorial Day, May 29, 2017:


Antonina (Priceless) female


Jelena (Shining Light) female


Andrei (Brave) male


Danya (God’s Gift) female


Ivan (Gift From God) male

Email Problems Again!

It has come to my attention some emails I send are not being received and emails sent to me have not been received by me.  If you have sent me an email and I have not responded in 24 hours, that means I did not receive it.

Until we can figure this out, please use my personal email which is nanb41@comcast.net or nanb41@gmail.com.  You can either call or text to (217) 823-5482.

Would you like to see some recent kitten/cat photos sent in by our pet parents?  I bet you would!


Deanne’s Boris



Julie’s blessing, Sasha



Tracy’s two handsome men–her son, Ben and her Semper Fi Siberian, Sebastian

Jackie Finds The Perfect Home!

I am happy to report our Zhaklin, affectionately called Jackie, has been placed in a loving home.

Becky, Andrew, Renee and Evan drove from Holland, MI to meet Jackie

Andrew wrote me to say “She’s eating well and enjoying being the center of attention” He sent a couple of photos – especially love this one:

Who is that pretty girl in the mirror?

Then Becky wrote a few days later “Jackie is such a sweetheart! She has transitioned well and is very affectionate. Renee is with Jackie every free moment she has. Attached are some pictures of Jackie “helping” Renee study for her exams last week. Renee said Jackie is the  ‘Best Homework Helper Ever!'”

Becky also included this in her note “Thank you for the tip about the freeze-dried chicken. Jackie is eating more canned food since we added the bits of chicken.”  Sometimes our kittens and cats decide they only want to eat dry food and turn their noses up at canned food.  When that happens we need to find a way to get them to eat the canned food because an exclusive diet of dry food is not good for their long-term health.  I have written an information sheet entitled “My Kitten Won’t Eat Canned Food.”  Let me know if you would like me to send a copy to you.




The Lord blessed me with three children: Mark, Sue Ellen and Gene. He then blessed me again when I married Jim to receive into my heart his two children David and Kelly. Then He heaped on the blessings by giving us nine grandchildren Lindsay, Ryan, Keegan, Morgan, Tyler, Neah, Emma, Mary, and Jack. And then….add in the blessings of spouses and significant others: Mike, Eric, Julie, Caroline, Scott, Alyssa, another Kelly, and Casey.

So what do I want for Mother’s Day? Absolutely nothing. I have been given blessings to last a lifetime.

But God wasn’t through. He introduced us to our beautiful Siberians and gave us the opportunity to pass those blessings on to our pet parents. And those pet parents bless us every time they send us a photo and update of our grandkittens:


Life’s Abundance Gourmet for Sly!

“I want my birthday hat!”

Happy Birthday, Sly!

So how many times did I say a form of the word blessing in this post. Unnecessary repetition? No. Because God’s blessings have a way of multiplying as we get older.

I wish each of you beautiful ladies a Happy Mother’s Day and may your blessings continue to multiply.

New Kittens * Old Music

Sophie gave birth to six kittens on April 17.  There are four boys and two girls.  They are doing fantastic. This blog post will allow you to meet them while at the same time enjoying music from the 50’s  – the age of teen idols and doo-wop!

One of the many fun things about raising kittens is selecting the temporary names they will have during the selection process.  For several years I stuck with Russian names to be true to their heritage.  After a while, that became a little boring so I started searching for other avenues of inspiration.  The last couple of litters were names taken from literature, either authors or characters in a novel.  Literature is my passion; Jim’s is music. We get in the car, the first thing Jim does, is put on the radio and turn up the volume.  If I get in the car without Jim, the first thing I do is turn off the radio!  I love peace and quiet; Jim likes noise.  In fact, noise is the reason I knew Jim even existed.  In the early 80’s my son and I moved into an apartment in Glen Ellyn.  Every Sunday we would hear this loud marching music coming through the wall from the next apartment. This went on for weeks with us wondering who in the world would play that kind of music every Sunday.  Then one night I was walking down the stairs from the second floor community laundry room and at the bottom of the stairs stood this handsome Marine in dress blues….our question was answered!  And as they say, the rest is history.

Last week Jim said why don’t you name the new kittens after musicians. In fact, take the names of the performers from “the decade that started it all” — the 50’s.  My first reaction was no; the majority of our pet parents think oldies are music from the 80’s!  But the more we talked about it, the more fun we were having .  We both were teenagers in the late fifties. Jim was born and raised on the East Coast and I am a Midwesterner through and through so our views are a little different on the music of our time but we both knew all the same songs and danced to the same beat.

So join with us, as we take a musical trip down memory lane!

Of course, we have to start out with the king – Elvis and Don’t Be Cruel      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViMF510wqWA

Elvis Presley


Yes, I liked Elvis, too. But the one I swooned over was Pat Boone.  Jim says there were two kind of teenagers – Elvis lovers and Pat Boone lovers and he definitely was not the latter.  He said he wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing white bucks.  And I tell him I would never have dated a guy who had Lucky Strikes rolled up in the sleeve of his white T-shirt!   Here is Pat singing Love Letters In The Sand   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ENzT9k1LRs

Pat Boone

We did both agree on the female singers; Teresa Brewer was everyone’s darling! We both loved Music, Music, Music   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NY-L-NurhX8

Teresa Brewer

The couple everyone loved was Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin.   Here is his fun song, Splish Splash   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KmKkV3ddAo

Bobby Darin

Jim was more into slow dancing (yes that is what we called it) while I loved to rock and roll!  We would go to Les-Buzz in Spring Valley and dance to the likes of Fats Domino and my very favorite, Bill Haley and the Comets.

Bill Haley

Connie Franconero used to sing and play the accordion. During the rehearsals for her appearance on Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts, she was advised by Godfrey to change her stage name to Connie Francis for the sake of easier pronunciation. Godfrey also told her to drop the accordion – advice she gladly followed, as she had begun to hate the large and heavy instrument.  Connie singing Where The Boys Are    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqgl0VRJW0E

Connie Francis


Let me know your favorite songs and your favorite kittens!

Little Women Go To Their Forever Homes

It was a great week-end here at Semper Fi Siberians.  Jim arrived home with the Cat House on Wheels and our Little Women were greeted by their new families.

Meg is now named Natasha.

Deanne adopted Boris from us in December and was excited to bring a sister home for him to play with.  As of this morning, they are already rubbing noses!

Beth is now named Lola.

Laura picked up Lola on Friday after work. The first night Lola spent lots of time keeping Laura awake!  The second night was better and now she declares Lola a “sweetie”!

Jo is now named Katrina.

Andrea is the owner/breeder of Tunies Siberians in Minnesota. When Katrina grows up she will be in her breeding program. Andrea loves her gorgeous coloring.

We are happy to announce that Sophia had six kittens on April 17. The next post will feature these beautiful babies.

Available Adult Siberian

Before I have Jim post this on our website, I want to let my blog followers know about the availability of one of our adults.

We decided to retire our Zhaklin, affectionately called Jackie, because she had reached the age of 5. We felt that was a good age to stop breeding even though our vet said she was in excellent physical condition. She was spayed in December but we decided to take her to Florida with us where we spend the winter. Jackie has always been our least social Siberian and we wanted to see if spaying her would have a positive effect on her personality. It definitely did–she spent a lot of time on my lap while we were in Florida. She still does not like to be picked up and will often dash away if she thinks you are going to do so. She is best if you let her come to you. She absolutely loves Life’s Abundance treats and will come running when we shake the bag!

We feel with the right home she will become a loving member of the family. When we retire a breeding female we always want to place them in a home with no children and preferably no other animals, although a laid back dog would probably be fine. The reason is we want them to have a home where they are the center of attention. We want them to spend the rest of their lives living like a queen!

Jackie will be 6 in October of this year. Her adoption price is $450.

If you think you might be interested or would like to make an appointment to meet Jackie, please give me a call. We can then discuss the adoption to see if you and we feel it will be a good fit.



(217) 823-5482

Cat House on Wheels 2017

Do you miss the Cat House on Wheels stories? Well, here is a doozy!

We usually leave Florida sometime during the last week in March which gives us plenty of time to get home for the litters born while in Florida to go to their forever homes back in Illinois. As you know, this year we had to delay our return until I was released by my eye surgeon. This happened on April 10 and we were on the road by 9:00 a.m. on the 11th. On our way out of Fort Myers we had to stop by the RV dealership who had our coach almost the entire time we were in Florida fixing a myriad of things, putting on new tires, re-painting the front and changing the oil in the generator…and there lies problem No. 1. They took the old oil out but when Jim checked it, the dip stick was dry! Obviously, they forgot to put in the new oil, or so they told us.

Okay, so they put in the oil, and we were on our way!

First night we pull into a Cracker Barrel parking lot where we like to spend the night. They have parking for us but no electricity. But that is fine because we have the generator to run whatever is needed, like the furnace or air conditioning. But guess what? No oil in the generator! So now it is obvious, they had stripped the plug and the oil leaked out. We weren’t concerned the first night because the weather was beautiful and we needed neither heat nor air. We would worry about it when we got further north.

Well, we didn’t need to worry because we weren’t going to get much further north! As we entered Tennessee, just over the line from Alabama, the check engine light came on. Within seconds, the red stop engine light came on. So at mile marker #2 on I-65 Jim pulled the motorhome over to the very narrow shoulder off the interstate and turned the key to off. We called our road service and seven (yes I said 7) hours later the motor home was being towed to the nearest repair shop, back in Alabama! And this repair shop informed us they could not get to inspect it to find out the problem until Friday – this was Wednesday!

We (by “we”, I mean Jim!) decided we could not delay our trip home for an undetermined amount of time – one main reason: what hotel would let us come in with seven cats, nine kittens and a dog!

While Jim was waiting for the tow, I took our Mini Cooper and drove to the nearest Enterprise Car Rental, also back in Alabama, to rent a vehicle large enough to transport us all home. (Now realize, I just had eye surgery, and I can’t see well enough to read any signs. Aren’t you happy you weren’t on I-65 in Alabama that day!)

We loaded everyone into the rental vehicle, one litter and their mom in one playpen, the other litter and their mom in a second play pen. Two cats are in carriers and the other three plus Zeke, the dog, are lying in the back. It is about 9:30 pm and Jim starts the vehicle and we head north.

About 20 miles down the road Jim stops the car and says “I cannot handle the meowing. We are letting these kittens out of the playpens!” For those of you who already have kittens from us, you know Jim and I totally disagree on this issue. I believe they have to be enclosed to keep them safe in the event of an accident. Jim, on the other hand, is such an animal lover, he cannot bear to hear them cry and feels they can just be left loose in the car.

After the day Jim had just gone through, I knew there was absolutely no point in arguing with him. I sent up a fervent prayer asking God to keep us all safe.

The kittens were fine, several slept on my lap or Jim’s. The cats were fine too. I believe driving at night was the right choice — yes, Jim, another good decision by you! You were right!

We pulled into the driveway of our home in Crystal Lake at 10:00 the next morning – Jim drove the entire 12 hours.

And there are 6 very happy families who are glad Jim safely transported their precious kittens back home so they could pick them up on Friday and Saturday.


Justin, Megan, Jack and Kate loving SkippyJon who will become a great friend to their two dogs, both yellow labs.


Nikki and Sierra taking home Buttercup to meet their two cats, Gwen and Diego and dog, Charlie.


Chris and Jessica wanted a companion for their dog, Maddy, and we think Jasper is the perfect choice.


Jami with sons, Christian and Kellen selected the only girl in this litter and appropriately named her Sugar because she is so sweet!


Bryan and Jami are from Wisconsin. We met when they were attending chiropractor college in Illinois. They adopted Tia from us several years ago and now were ready to add a second Siberian, Winston, to their family.


Beth and Justin selected Berlioz for their precious children, Elijah and Margaret. Beth reports that Berlioz settled right in by lying next to her and taking a nap after the ride home.

We thank each and every one of these families and will be anxious to see photos as the kittens grow.


So what is wrong with the motor home? It is an alternator which is on order and will hopefully be installed later this week so Jim can drive all the way back to Alabama and then turn around and drive back to Illinois!

I think next year we will forget Florida and just stay home!

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