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Zhaklin’s Babies Loving Their New Homes

Yes, it is hard work taking care of four litters of kittens, but so worth it when adoption day rolls around.  Zhaklin’s five babies went to five separate families – and I have to say a heartfelt thank you to these families.  Each and every one of them sent photos and reports right away to let me know all was going well.  I can tell by looking at the photos these kittens are being loved!

Shannon with her precious bundle, Kira:









” I wanted to let you know that Kira is doing great and adapting well to her new home. She has been eating all her meals and has been very affectionate with us.”

Kira from Shannon







Samantha loving Dexter:









“So far everything has been a dream with this little boy. Dexter is  even helping me type this e-mail by walking on my keyboard and rubbing his face on mine! He brings so much love into my heart. He eats well, is very hydrated (he loves his water fountain), plays for hours, cuddles a BUNCH, and sleeps hard! :-)  I’ve attached some cute pictures to bring you a smile!

Thank you for bringing this beautiful creature into the world!!”

Deter from Samantha










Kathryn, Christopher, Emmett and Luci felt the wait was worth it:







“She loves her toys and is even retrieving them! She is also using her litter box every time she needs to. I have been snuggling with her each night, which we both like… She leans into me and purrs till she falls asleep. It’s so cute. Thank you for such a great kitty. She is truly amazing. Below is a picture of Saffron with the kids playing. ”

Saffron from Kathryn








Elizabeth’s children so excited for her to bring Oscar home:









“Oscar is adjusting well. He made it home safely and is starting to explore! Right now he is giving himself a little bath.”

Oscar from Elizabeth








Sandra and Sasha (her first Siberian) love having Elizaveta join their home:










“Things are progressing nicely.  Elizaveta is playing with toys, using the litter box, and eating.  Sasha is camped out outside of the bedroom door with big eyeballs.”

And just two days later:

“Just to let you know that Sasha and Elizaveta are now very best friends.  They have spent the morning chasing each other and playing.”

I guess Elizaveta is pretty tired from all that playing!





Can Cats Be Infected With Dog Flu?


One of of our new pet parents asked if she should be concerned about taking her new kitten to the vet because of the dog flu which is currently a problem in the Chicago area.  I have been reading everything I see about this subject but could not find an answer.  I emailed Steve Dale who has a wonderful pet column and has been thoroughly investigating this issue.  If you will read the above, you will see his answer to my question.  I am including his entire blog because many of you have dogs in addition to your Siberians.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I am happy to announce that Sophia gave birth on April 29.  I am not happy to announce that it took her twelve hours to do so! 😍

About 10:30 the evening of the 28th she let me know it was about time.  I had a birthing box all prepared in my bedroom.  She wanted nothing to do with it. So I prepared a second box.  I have found that our cats like choices!  That didn’t work either.

So I said, “Okay, Sophie dear, where would you like to have your babies?” She led me downstairs to the bathroom which is outside Jim’s workshop on the lower level. I had found her in a cabinet there earlier in the day. The bottom shelf contains paint cans and two boxes of left-over tile.  She proceeded to lie on top of the tile!  I told here this was not a good choice but she just looked at me and would not move. I proceeded to remove all the paint cans, took her off the tile, removed the tile, cleaned the area and put towels in the cabinet.  Did that please her? No. She walked out.

She then led me to the laundry room.  I said, “Not the best choice but definitely better than the paint cabinet.” I got busy and prepared an area but that did not suit her either.  I said “Okay, my dear, we are going back to our bedroom – everything is perfect there – you will see it is a wonderful place to have your babies.” So back we went.  I sat up with her waiting but nothing was happening – no labor – just meowing and rubbing against me.  Finally at 5:00 a.m. I said, “I am going to sleep.”

We woke about 8:30 and went about our morning. While I was feeding Carly, the dog, the other cats and the kittens, Sophie went downstairs again.

About 9:25 I went down to check on her just as baby No. 1 was being born.  By 10:28 she had five more, for a total of six beautiful babies. And where did SHE choose to have them? In a box of towels and sheets I had not unpacked yet!


Happy Birthday!

Semper Fi Pashka and Katya turned 1 on their birthday which was April 20.  Their pet parent, Debbie, is an excellent photographer.  I was just blown away when I saw these photos and I thought you would enjoy them also.


image image image image image image


Debbie is a loving wife, mother and grandmother. In addition she is a songwriter and a certified life coach. She and her husband, Dan, also work as chaplains with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team. Debbie is a very special lady!



FDA Warns of Illnesses and Deaths in Pets

FDA Warns of Illnesses and Deaths in Pets Exposed to Prescription Topical Pain Medications Containing Flurbiprofen

April 17, 2015

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is alerting pet owners, veterinarians, health care providers and pharmacists that pets are at risk of illness and death when exposed to topical pain medications containing the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) flurbiprofen. People using these medications, should use care when applying them in a household with pets, as even very small amounts could be dangerous to these animals.

The FDA has received reports of cats in two households that became ill or died after their owners used topical medications containing flurbiprofen on themselves to treat muscle, joint, or other pain. The pet owners had applied the cream or lotion to their own neck or feet, and not directly to the pet, and it is not known exactly how the cats became exposed to the medication. The products contained the NSAID flurbiprofen and the muscle relaxer cyclobenzaprine, as well as other varying active ingredients, including baclofen, gabapentin, lidocaine, or prilocaine.

Two cats in one household developed kidney failure and recovered with veterinary care. Two cats in a second household developed signs that included reluctance to eat, lethargy, vomiting, melena (black, tarry, bloody stools), anemia, and dilute urine. These two cats died despite veterinary care. A third cat in the second household also died after the owner had stopped using the medication. Veterinarians performed necropsies on the three cats that died and found evidence in the kidneys and intestines that were consistent with NSAID toxicity.

The FDA recommends that people who use topical medications containing flurbiprofen take care to prevent their pets from being exposed to them, even in ways that may seem unlikely to cause problems.

  • Store all medications safely out of the reach of pets.
  • Safely discard or clean any cloth or applicator that may retain medication and avoid leaving any residues of the medication on clothing, carpeting or furniture.
  • Consult your health care provider on whether it is appropriate to cover the treated area.
  • If you are using topical medications containing flurbiprofen and your pet becomes exposed, bathe or clean your pet as thoroughly as possible and consult a veterinarian.
  • If your pet shows signs such as lethargy, lack of appetite, vomiting, or other illness, seek veterinary care for your pet and be sure to provide the details of the exposure.
  • Understand that, although the FDA has not received reports of dogs or other pets becoming sick in relation to the use of topical pain medications containing flurbiprofen, these animals may also be vulnerable to NSAID toxicity after being exposed to these medications.

Veterinarians who have patients who show signs of NSAID toxicity should ask whether anyone in the household has used topical pain medications containing flurbiprofen.

Health care providers who prescribe topical pain medications containing flurbiprofen and pharmacists who fill these prescriptions should advise patients with pets to take care to prevent exposure of the pet to the medication.

Pet owners and veterinarians can also report any adverse events to the FDA.

Contact FDA

240-276-9115 FAX
Issued by: FDA, Center for Veterinary Medicine

Communications Staff, HFV-12

7519 Standish Place

Rockville, MD 20855

My Heart Is Overflowing

My heart is overflowing today and I don’t even know if sharing all of this is the right thing to do.

The Cat House on Wheels safely transported us from Florida to our new home in Crystal Lake the last days of March. The cats, Carly and I remained while Jim took Zeke and went to our home in Girard. The past two weeks and the next few weeks will be spent with Jim down in Girard doing the hard work of preparing for the physical move of household goods and doing all the necessary home repairs and yard work. I, on the other hand, will remain in Crystal Lake and have the sole responsibility of caring for our cats, kittens (16 at present count) and Carly. Jim brought a truckload of “stuff” to me this past weekend so now I have a lot of unpacking to do. Jim and I are a great team but when we move, Jim becomes the Gunny and I and anyone else who happens to be around to help are the troops. For those of you who have been a part of the military, you know exactly what I am referring to. The one problem is that I am not real good at saying “Yes, Gunnery Sergeant” in answer to his commands. Instead I bark back! So although he just arrived on Sunday, by Monday I was ready for him to go back to Girard! And I told him this!

Then we opened Jim’s email and learned that our very good friend George had a massive stroke and the prognosis was not good. Today we learned he did not make it.

Let me tell you about George. He is the one person you hope you are seated next to at a dinner party. He is funny, loves life and seems to love everyone he meets. He makes you feel like you are the only person in the room and you have his full undivided attention. To quote Jim, “What a man, what a friend, what a Marine he was!” He knew everything there was to know about the civil war and was writing a book about that subject. The last time we had dinner with him in March, he was 80 percent finished. Every time we were with George and his equally wonderful wife, Pat, he never said good-bye. Instead he would say “I miss you already.”

So does our little bickering matter – or does it matter how quickly our “stuff” gets here or is put away. No…what does matter is that Jim gets up here as quickly as he can so we can spend every precious minute together. I know that can’t happen right away and I can’t change that but what I can change is cherishing the time we have together, even when he is “the Gunny.”

When we are together we love spending time with our animal family, and the kittens bring tremendous joy to us. Izabella gave birth to five beautiful kittens exactly on her due date, April 4. Izabella is like no other cat we have–you have probably read about her in previous posts or saw her photo on the home page of our website–a photo of her in the refrigerator. And when she has kittens, she continues to be a little stinker! The newest mama and babies are always in our master bedroom so we can keep an extra special watch on them. So Monday night we go to bed and about 3:30 a.m. we are awakened by Izzy and all five of her babies–she brought all five up on the bed in between us! I would have to contact a cat psychologist (yes, there are!) to see why she did this but I think she just wanted to be with us so she brought along the whole family! After lots of loving, she seemed to be content to go back to where she and the kittens belong.

Izzy and her kittens.  Notice she is lying on Jim's pajama top so she feels he is near.

Izzy and her kittens. Notice she is lying on Jim’s pajama top so she feels he is near.

Birth, death – the circle of life. What is the meaning? I just hope I can finish my days here on earth like our friend–loving people, caring for them, giving them my undivided attention.

George, I miss you already.

Wait List/Optimist List

Our wait list has become full, very full! We are now projecting November/December adoption dates. Therefore, we feel it is necessary to temporarily stop accepting additions to our list.

If I have talked with you in the last couple of weeks but we have not as yet received your deposit, I will still add you to our wait list. Please call me within the next week to make this happen. (217-823-5482) After April 1, we will not be adding anyone to the wait list unless they are looking into the future and wanting a kitten sometime during 2016 (yes, there are people who do plan that far ahead). As of April 1, our wait list deposit will be $100; this will still be deducted from the total price of the kitten.



After April 1, we will have a different list. I think I will call it our “Optimist List.” We will take your name, phone number and email address and contact you when the wait list opens up once again. After the spring litters are all born and reserved, we will take a look at our projections and see what adoption dates are realistic. If you are not already on our wait list, we encourage you to contact other breeders. Several good sources for a list of breeders are kittysites.com, tica.org, and taigasiberianclub.com.

Here are some recently received photos from our current pet parents. They had to wait also but their patience paid off and they are now enjoying their beautiful, loving and sometimes mischievous Siberians.











Izzy and Zoey

Izzy and Zoey



Another Leo






Another Leo









Tell me Heidi, Linda, Emily, Tubba, Debbie, Tatiana, and Sara — was it worth the wait? 😍

Spring Is Coming, I Promise!

Dawn, one of our future pet parents, emailed after we posted the photos of our latest babies and said “Kittens blooming like crocuses – can Spring be far behind?”  And now we have more babies!  So for Dawn and all of you “up North” here are some new photos to let you know — don’t despair, Spring is coming!

Six babies born to Liliya on February 27 (photos taken today when they are nine days old):

Blue with White (white collar)


Black with White - "Where's my Mommy?"

Black with White – “Where’s my Mommy?”



Blue with White

Blue with White

Red Boy

Red Boy













And just so you can see how quickly they grow, my last post featured Jackie’s babies and now look at these photos taken today – tomorrow they will be three weeks old.











Kristina - "Who is that kitty in the mirror?"

Kristina – “Who is that kitty in the mirror?”








Luka and Elizaveta

Luka and Elizaveta







The first eleven people on our waiting list have been notified and will begin making their selections when the kittens are 5 weeks old.  Next litter due April 4 – stay tuned!

We are so blessed with these beautiful kittens and our beautiful pet parents – current and future – THANK YOU!







Quiet Please!

Jim received a call from our friend, Jay, asking him to go fishing on Monday. Because Jackie was expecting any day now he thought perhaps he should not commit.  I said it is fine; it is obvious she is only going to have one or two kittens (she was not large plus her last litter was only two).

Sunday night about 10:15 Jackie let me know she is ready so we head off to the birthing room.  I told Jim  “go to bed. I will wake you up if I need you.” We had two birthing boxes set up and she proceeded to pace back and forth between the two of them but always stopping to get some strokes and reassuring words from me.

11:20 – first baby born

Birth was easy–Jackie and I worked together nicely. No need to wake up Jim. Everything went fine until I tried to open the bottle of iodine to apply to the end of the umbilical cord – and I tried, and I tried some more.  You know those bottles that say press down and turn at the same time. Well I did that but it was not working. I got out the magnifying glass to read the tiny print on the bottle to make sure I was turning it the right way. So they have an open circle with an arrow on each end. Okay!  Now that’s a lot of help! So I remember what Jim taught me: righty tighty, lefty loosey.  So I turn to the left – nothing.  Well, I might as well try turning the other way too. Nothing!  I only had one choice – wake up Jim – so I go into our bedroom bottle in hand – he wakes up, I give him the bottle, one twist, it’s open!

I go back in the room as the second baby is being born – it is 11:40 – wow, that’s quick!

Now we go into a long rest period – nothing is happening – so I think I was right – only two babies. But I have to wait for the placentas to be delivered which finally happens at 12:30.  Before I go to bed, I decide I better feel her to see if by chance there are any more babies.  Yep! I feel two little heads.  I think that’s wonderful – four is the perfect litter size. At 1:10 baby no. 3 comes into the world followed by baby no. 4 at 1:30.

Better just feel feel her one more time.  Oh, there’s another head.  So we wait. Finally at 2:40 the fifth and final baby is born.  Jim is going to be surprised!

I get everything cleaned up and crawl into bed a little after four, but not before putting a sign on the door so Jim will not wake me.


In a semi-conscious state I hear him open the door to take a look at the kittens.  I know he is proud that I did it all by myself!

He makes his coffee and heads out the door to go fishing.

So everyone is happy here at the Florida location of Semper Fi Siberians: we have five gorgeous healthy kittens

Zhaklin and her 5 precious babies

Zhaklin and her 5 precious babies

and Jim and Jay caught fish

Sea Trout and Spanish Mackerel

Sea Trout and Spanish Mackerel

Running on Low!

I have been working on a new blog post for over a week, but for some reason my creative juices are running on low. Must be these lazy “summer” days. Oh, I’m sorry, up north it is winter, isn’t it!😉

In the meantime I thought you might enjoy some photos and emails sent in during the last couple of weeks by our pet parents.

One of our pet parents, Debbie, and I are Facebook friends and I was blown away when she posted this photo of Pashka.image

She actually took this gorgeous photo on her phone!  We both agree this looks like a painting.  A day or so later she posted this one of both her Siberian girls, Pashka and Katya, looking like statues!image

Read the full post »

And The Winners Are!

Anastasia - B

Anastasia – B

Your votes are in and it was overwhelmingly a “B” day!  These are the photos the majority selected as the official poses for Ana and Maggie.


Magdalena - B

Magdalena – B


Of course, in true Marine form, Jim had to also include the ones he liked best!😳




Pet Food Recall

As promised, I am notifying my blog followers of another pet food recall. J J Fuds, Inc. located in Valparaiso, IN has issued a recall on pet food because of possible health risk.

This one covers their Chicken Tender Chunks. If you feed this product to your pet, please access the following:


This particular recall is warning about Listeria which can cause serious and fatal infections to humans.


Life’s’ Abundance – Great Food/Great Company

We know the majority of our pet parents feed our recommended pet food (Life’s Abundance) to their dogs and cats so this recall will be of no concern, but I still feel led to use my blog to bring this information to others.

We love Life’s Abundance both for the quality of their food and for the quality of their dedication to their customers – both two-legged and four-legged!😉

Every month we look forward to receiving the monthly newsletter from Life’s Abundance. This month’s issue had three great articles. The first one is written by Dr. Jane who is the veterinarian who formulates all the pet foods. This article is entitled Your Cat May Be Smarter Than You Think

– I think you will enjoy reading it.


The Dr. Jane Foundation has recently awarded financial assistance to a no-kill pet shelter in Georgia… another great read! And for those of you who regularly purchase Life’s Abundance, it will do your heart good to read how this simple decision is helping dogs and cats all over our country.

And for those of you who have dogs, you may enjoy finding out their I.Q.


If you are interested in finding more about this company and their pet food, you may give us a call or go to their website: www:lifesabundance.com/semperfisiberians


My blog would not be complete if I did not include many cat photos. So as not to disappoint, here are some recent shots sent in by our beloved pet parents:


Very handsome Ziggy Stardust.

Very handsome Ziggy Stardust.

Tatiana sent several great photos of Leo.

Tatiana sent several great photos of Leo.


Vladimir loves to play in the sink

Vladimir loves to play in the sink

Lincoln loves to be pushed in baby carriage by Laila

Lincoln loves to be pushed in baby carriage by Laila

Isabel gets to blow out the candle for her first birthday. And, of course, it's a Lifes Abundance cake!

Isabel gets to blow out the candle for her first birthday. And, of course, it’s a Life’s Abundance cake.




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