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Good News!

We needed some good news today and this is it!



Both back to normal!

Izzy and Zoey Standing Guard

If you have read our story on our website, you know it has never been our mission to sell cats but to touch lives. I received this email this morning from our beloved pet parent, Sara.  Her daughter Kiki has been very ill for several days.  Kiki is very, very special to us not only because she is our Kitten Assistant but because she is giving, loving, bubbly, and as cute as a button!

Dear Nancy,

Although we’ve spoken about this before, and you’ve been seeing my Facebook posts, I wanted to take a minute to let you know how special I think Izzy and Zoey are. I am not sure if it’s the Siberian breed and their capacity for love and intelligence…but as you know Kiki has been sick since Sunday, diagnosed with Influenza A which is a strain of the bird flu. Illnesses are serious for her because she has asthma so already is high risk for complications. Kiki loves our two Siberians and treats them like her babies, and they love her. Well, ever since she has been sick, the cats have barely left her side. As she sleeps on the couch, they are within a 6 foot radius of her. Every night Izzy has stuck right by Kiki in bed, including the night before last night when I woke at 5am to find Izzy standing at Kiki’s feet watching her, and last night at 2:30am when I woke and found Izzy next to Kiki in bed, standing next to her practically asleep. It’s like she was standing guard over Kiki, and fell asleep in the process but didn’t dare to lay down. What kind of cat does that?! Zoey has been following Kiki around, including yesterday when I finally got her in the shower for a wash and Zoey stood on the toilet watching the shower curtain the whole time. Last night we went through a rough patch and I spent a half hour putting a cold washcloth on Kiki to bring down her 104 fever, and both cats kept their distance but were across the room, watching. Whoever said cats aren’t smart, hasn’t had a Siberian! I am not writing to boast about the intellectual capacity of Siberians, but to let you know how grateful I am for the love and companionship they show Kiki. I have been taking pictures all along and showing Kiki and the love she feels from her cats, I believe, has been a shining light through her sickness. Today she is feeling much better and the cats have relaxed…as Kiki plays her iPad on the couch I am not even sure where the cats are. It’s like they know they can relax and well, probably sleep lol. I know we paid for these cats, but you can’t put a price on that love and companionship. We look so forward to our third (and final!!!!) Siberian to join our family.

I just wanted to share. :)





Get well, our precious Kiki!




“When I First Open My Eyes”

When I First Open My Eyes by Francesco Marciuliano

When I first open my eyes

I expect to see marvels

When I first open my eyes

I expect to see splendor

When I first open my eyes

I expect to see

These four other fur balls

Who keep pushing me out of the way

To get to mom’s milk

Adopted and out of the picture!


I get a laugh every time I read poems by Francesco Marciuliano. I have three of his books thanks to my beloved granddaughter, Lindsay, who brought my attention to this author. This week I received from her the book from which this poem is taken, I Knead My Mommy. One of his other books is entitled I Could Pee On This so you can probably tell from these titles that he has quite a sense of humor.

What Jim and I marvel at is that the mother cat makes sure each kitten is fed.  She will take one or more and put them away from her for a little while so they all get a turn!

Ana’s Babies–Eyes Wide Open

Ana’s kittens will be two weeks old tomorrow, Saturday. When I went into the birthing room to see them today my heart melted. This happens all the time.  Can anyone please tell me, is there anything cuter than a tiny kitten? Their eyes are now open and they look at us in wonder. So I started snapping photos. I know I am supposed to do this tomorrow but I can’t help myself—Klara, Erik, Stepan and Nadeah—you are so precious!







We have always hoped there would be another kitten to look like our first, Nadeah. Here she is so, of course, we gave her the same name.

Just as with Lily’s kittens, these names are temporary until the pet parents tell us what they wish to call them.



Eyes Wide Open

Liliya’s kittens are two weeks old today and eyes are wide open! We have three boys and two girls.  The names given are for our future pet parents’ ease in referring to the kittens during the selection process. Once the pet parent has selected his/her kitten and given us a name, we will immediately begin calling the kitten by that name.


Veronica (female)


Diana (female)


Mark (male)


Grigory (male)


Valentin (male)


Ana’s kittens are progressing nicely and we will post their photos at the end of the week. She has two boys and two girls. I love when this happens!


NOTICE: Our wait list has grown to the point where we feel we must close it for the time being. Effective January 24, 2016 we will no longer be accepting additions to our wait list. We will be happy to take your name and email address if you would like us to contact you when the list re-opens later this year.

I hope you will continue to enjoy my posts which will include gorgeous photos of our Semper Fi Siberians kittens and cats being loved and cared for by the very best pet parents in the world!  Here are just a few:




Sabina and Garsha

Sabina and Garsha




Kaz did not move the entire first period of the Blachawks game!

Great Sale on Cat Trees

Just saw this on-line.  An excellent price if you are in need of a cat tree. On sale for just a few more hours.  That is how Woot works.  I haven’t bought a cat tree from them before but I did buy something else that I was pleased with.  We do have this brand of cat tree at our home in Crystal Lake and it has held up well.  http://home.woot.com/?ref=w_gh_hm_2


Armarkat Cat Trees- Your Choice!!!!!!

The Creed of Love

Every morning I start my day with devotion and prayer . In addition to the Bible, my two favorite devotional books are Norman Vincent Peale’s Positive Thinking For Every Day of the Year and Daily Guideposts. Because this morning’s devotion from Daily Guideposts 2016 was so touching to me, I would like to share it with you.

I realize and understand not all reading my blog share in my religious beliefs and I respect that. But I believe the following story of a cat and her family shows a universal creed—love.


Wednesday, January 20  Daily Guideposts 2016:

There is a bench in the master bathroom next to the tub.It provides a clear view of my husband’s side of the bed, and since Keith had to sleep sitting up in order to breathe, an occupant of the bench could see him clearly. On the morning before my husband died, our cat L.E. had curled onto the bench, her green eyes fixed on him. For more than thirty hours, she never moved from that spot.

The  year before, when Keith had had to spend several days in the hospital, L.E. was frantic, wandering from room to room looking for him, meowing forlornly. She had always demanded he fuss over her. I expected that after he died she would be as stricken as I was. But once the men from the funeral home took Keith’s body from the house, L.E. left the bench and came into the kitchen to eat. I knew that she understood he wasn’t coming back.

Two months after Keith died, L.E. came to me to be petted for the first time and then vanished under the bed for several days, except for meals and the litter box. The next time she came to me, she stayed longer and vanished for a shorter time. When Keith had been gone for six months, L.E. climbed onto my lap, tucked her head under my chin, and purred. I began to think she had stored up the love Keith had given her and now was sharing it with me.

—Rhoda Blecker

I don’t have a photo of L.E. But I hope you will enjoy these photos of some of our Siberians who bring love to their families.

More Babies!

This has been a week filled with blessings.

First, we have been spared  harm from the tornadoes and heavy storms passing through central and south Florida. Our prayers go out to all those  families who have been touched by the devastation.

It makes us realize that lives can be changed in an instant.  We count our blessings and are reminded to appreciate each day and care for all who come into our lives.

Nine little babies came into our lives this week.  My last post had a photo of Lily and her five babies.  Now I am proud to show you Ana and her four babies born Saturday morning.

Both mamas and all babies are doing well, gaining  lots of weight each day!




We Have Babies!

Mrs. Liliya and Mr. Silver are proud to announce the birth of five gorgeous kittens.


Born on Monday, January 11, 2016 between 3:55 p.m. and 6:47 p.m. EST

The Fool Who Wants a Cat

(J. Luke Migliacci)

It wasn’t very long ago,
Just about a year or so,
When I convinced my husband that
He’d hardly notice one small cat.

He made his position very clear
“She’s your responsibility, dear.
This kitten’s yours, remember that.
I’m not the fool who wants a cat.”

“You’ll be in charge of discipline,
Putting her out and letting her in.”
Well I understood she’d be my cat,
But I don’t think he remembers that.

She’s mine to care for and to feed;
I see to her every need.
But when it’s time for love and a pat,
She immediately becomes his cat.

He loves “my cat” and it’s plain to see
That she loves him as much as me.
At any designated time
You’ll find her in his lap not mine.

I suppose I could remind him that
He’s not the fool who wants a cat.
But in fact it pleases me,
Because love is better shared by three.


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