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Thankful for You!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Samara makes Nikki’s heart sing. Niko is thankful Nikki feeds the squirrels for his entertainment.


Dear God, I woke up today, I breathed your air, I drank your water and I beheld your abundant world. Thank you for all the blessings and may you forgive me for all my complaints. Sometimes I forget how amazing your world is. I am truly grateful to you, God.



Wishing you a harvest of blessings, good health and good times. Happy Thanksgiving day!



Camo is Ying’s winter lap warmer but sometimes he has to share Mom’s lap with Cameron.


Heavenly Father, thank you for the miracle of life, the abundant and beautiful life here and eternal life with you in Heaven. Help us to celebrate and appreciate that life each and every day as we seek to walk your sacred path. Amen



Tyler and Gizmo have a very special relationship.


Alexandra says Gizmo is social and very kind to their guests.


I am so thankful each of you came into my life. Thank you for all the wonderful memories. May you enjoy a joyous Thanksgiving

Photos, Photos and More Photos!

Thank you to all who participated in the poll. I stated I would like to get a minimum of 40 pet parents who would be willing to share photos and/or stories of their Siberians—42 responded “yes” in the poll and a few others emailed me directly. So I won’t be saying good-bye. Instead, you can look forward to gazing at some gorgeous and sometimes funny Siberians. The following article states it is actually beneficial to our health to gaze at cat photos! But we already knew that didn’t we?


This week our first photo is of our beloved Liliya (Lily) in the arms of her new mama, Ann.  Ann’s 11 year old Himalayan passed away recently. I received a text from her daughter Christy who has two of our Siberians saying her mom was very interested in Liliya.   She has always been our most active cat. (Brenda, that is since Izzy left!) Lily loves to play and loves to talk. She is very intelligent; even knows how to open doors! We felt she needed to be with someone who could give her round the clock attention which Ann and the grandchildren will provide.


Since my poll request, we have received many photos. A few will be featured in today’s post and the others will be included in future posts. Enjoy!

Sue sent these great photos.  “Brian made the comment the other day that he is sure I have more photos of Yadi on my phone than him. He is right. (: At his last vet appointment a few weeks ago he was a whopping 9 pounds! He is such a funny, playful little guy. He sleeps by our bed at night, and usually around 3am or so jumps up with me and snuggles in. He takes up half my pillow. (: He LOVES when someone dispenses ice from the fridge – comes running and won’t leave until you give him a piece. He has such a great personality and we just love him so much.”



From Liz and Jim: “This email has been a long time coming. I hear from your newsletter that you are retiring from breeding Siberians and I just want to thank you for everything you have done for all the people who you placed one of your kittens with. You have added a lot of joy to the world and I always sensed from your newsletter that this was more of a calling for you than a business. We adopted Oscar from you (formerly “Luca”) a few years back and he has truly been a pleasure to have with us. He definitely has a personality! He talks to us all the time with trills and meows and makes his every need well known. He has a special little tail quiver that he uses when he is anticipating getting a treat of tuna! He also has one of the loudest purrs known to mankind.”


Andrea sent these two photos of Kat with the title “Busted”!



Nikki B. sent this great photo. “Thought you would enjoy a pic of Buttercup with his fur family.”  You are correct, Nikki; we loved seeing them altogether.



Traci thinks Sebastian is majestic just like Mr. Silver. We agree!


Caitlin sent an email saying she thinks I should keep running my blog and she will send photos. These are the latest of  Elsa and Orange Julius.


Keep the photos and stories coming!  The best way for me to receive them is via email but I can also transfer them from texts—a little more time consuming. When you make a comment at the bottom of my blog posts and attempt to attach a photo, the photo never comes through.

Some of you inquired about results of the September appointment with my eye surgeon in Fort Myers. He confirmed what my Chicago doctor said, that it is now time to have the cornea transplant in my left eye but he said it will be okay to wait until we come to Florida in January.  The surgery is set for January 18.

Also, concerned friends have asked what I am going to do now with all my free time. Actually, there hasn’t been much of that! Baking cakes for both Young Marines and Refuge For Women is a labor of love. In December I will be catering for the Young Marines boot camp.



As I write this I am spending the week in North Carolina visiting my son, Gene, and his family. I have enjoyed lunch with my daughter-in-law, Julie, watching Mary cheer at two basketball games, picking up Emma from high school/college and Jack tricking me with quizzes. Looking forward to the rest of my time here. I return home on Monday and then it is off to spend Thanksgiving with daughter, Kelly, and her family in Maryland.

So don’t worry about me, grass will not grow under my feet! But,oh do we miss those kittens! 😪😢

Happy Birthday!

The United States Marine Corps is 242 years old today.

Happy Birthday to my husband, Jim, my grandson, Keegan, and to our pet parents who served or are currently serving: Chad Koch, Isaac Knepp, Fred O’Neil, Tim Lee.  I think I am missing someone. If I have missed you, please let me know so I can add you to the list and wish you a happy birthday.


Make make sure you watch this one to the end:



Rasputin’s Harness

I had requests for more information on Rasputin’s harness as pictured in my October 30 blog post. Chuck was happy to send the following:

“Here are some pictures of Rasputin’s harness. Vicki had to make some alterations to it to keep him in it. He figured out how to wiggle out of it right away. We bought it at Petco, it is a dog harness size XS.”

One of our pet parents thought it might be easier to use a harness when it is necessary for a cat to go in the car.  Here is another product you might want to look into for that use: Cat-In-TheBag. My breeder friend, Andrea, said she loves hers. https://youtu.be/MIos4r7V4Dg This video also suggests other uses such as clipping your cat’s nails.


Also in my October 30 post I included a poll to see how many followers would like me to continue my blog.  I am including the poll with this post also.  If you have not already participated, I would appreciate it if you would do so.  I would love if we could have at least 40 pet parents who are willing to send photos of their Siberians on an occasional basis.  Right now we only have 22.

Mr. Silver, Rest In Peace

This is a blog post I have been putting off writing for quite some time.

It started Thursday, June 29.  I was very excited that day because my friend Jessie and I had agreed to meet in downtown Chicago to attend a symposium of the Winn Foundation. We were going to go out to dinner and stay all night at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel across from Millenium Park.  We hadn’t decided what we would do the next day but it was going to be fun.

I went around the house saying good-bye to my husband, Zeke the dog, and all the cats. I went downstairs looking for Mr. Silver and found him lying on his favorite chair looking very sad. He had not eaten a thing. He did not purr when I petted him. Because I am his mama, I knew something was wrong.

My veterinarian was also attending the symposium so I explained what was going on with Mr. Silver. She was to go out of town the next day and would be gone for a week so she offered to leave the symposium and meet Jim with Mr. Silver at her home. Blood tests were performed and sent off to a lab. The results showed nothing of great concern but we started him on hydration and antibiotics.  They did not help and our vet was still out of town so on July 4 we took him to a specialty vet clinic that is open 24/7.  They were very kind and thorough. They recommended a biopsy because the ultrasound had shown something on his liver. We were warned that a biopsy could be dangerous but we agreed it was necessary.

The next morning Jim and I were standing in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee and talking about Mr. Silver. My phone rang. It was the vet who, with grave concern in his voice, said after the biopsy procedure Mr. Silver’s heart had stopped. They were able to revive him but he wanted to know if it happened again, what should they do. Jim and I were in shock–we stood there looking at each other, mouths opened but no words were spoken .  The vet said “let me go back and check on him again before you make a decision.” He came back to the phone and told us Mr. Silver’s heart had stopped again while he was gone and they were unable to revive him.

The date was July 5, a day that has been a source of sadness for me for 55 years. That is the date my first baby was born and died. My friend Jessie feels, and I agree with her, Mr. Silver is now sitting on Stephen’s lap and bringing him great joy and love.

The next day the vet called and explained in trying to determine the cause of Mr. Silver’s death they discovered during the biopsy procedure, his stomach was punctured and blood surrounded his lungs and heart.  He said you may not want to go to the expense of a necropsy because that is what killed him. We felt we still needed to go through with the necropsy to try to find out the reason for his illness. The report came back and there was no definitive reason other than the blood loss. It was stated his heart and brain were normal. There was inflamation but where it came from we will never know.

Mr. Silver was gone. I cannot begin to explain our pain. It has taken me this long before I can begin to talk about it.  Of course, I told everyone who was getting a kitten from us at that time and they shared in our sorrow.

What prompted me to finally tell Mr. Silver’s story is that I received the following notice from The Winn Feline Foundation in my email yesterday.

It is well known that there is a great deal of money contributed for research on dog diseases, and although there are many more cats than dogs in pet homes, very little is given to cat research.  Dr. Neils Pedersen from UC Davis is the foremost researcher in cat diseases and the Winn Feline Foundation supports his efforts. If you are moved to make a donation either in memory of Mr. Silver or another cat you may have known and loved, you can do so by clicking the button “Give Now To Winn”  Don’t be confused by the statement Pet Memorial for Veterinarians. I called them today and said is this just for veterinarians.  They assured me it was not.

Mr. Silver on lap

You will always be my favorite lap warmer!

“Every Cat, Every Day Benefits From Winn-Funded Research”
November 1, 2017
A Winn Month of Catsgiving
November is Thanksgiving and Catsgiving Month
November is the month many of us celebrate Thanksgiving and more broadly we all can celebrate Catsgiving. It is a special day and time to be thankful to be cat parents and for all the blessings we have as individuals and families. One common blessing we truly value is the cats in our family, who bring us so much laughter, joy and unconditional love.  For cat lovers, life without a kitty, several, or many would be gloomy for sure.
Every Cat, Every Day Benefits From Winn Funded Research!
Winn Feline Foundation is an international, independent non-profit solely dedicated to cats.  Next year is Winn’s 50th Anniversary. Through generous donations from cat lovers all over the world, Winn helps finance important, humane feline research. The Winn web site www.winnfelinefoundation.orgcontains a wealth of information about cat health and the research funded.  All cats around the world benefit by the significant research Winn supports.
Great strides are being made in FIP, Cancer, Renal Disease, Cardiac Disease, Behavioral Health, Shelter Care and more because of Winn.  
Why November is important…
The month of November, along with the final days of 2017, is critical to funding studies submitted for Winn’s 2018 grants.  Winn receives many excellent proposals but only a limited number are selected due to funding resources.
Please Give Now — you help recognize Winn’s good works on behalf of every cat and support critical research needed to continue making progress.
Every person donating $25 or more in November will have a choice of
Winn Feline Foundation’s adorable car magnet or a copy of Winn’s coffee table sized beautiful 50th Anniversary Book. All donors will be entered in a drawing to win one of two original drawings of your kitty or fur angel by talented artist Megan Davison, Bria tee-shirts, or Black Cats Matter car magnets. Donations may be directly given to Winn’s general research fund or one of Winn’s special funds. Learn more about How Giving Helps.
Winn wishes all of you and your human and feline family members a 
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Catsgiving! #Cures4Cats
There’s no place like Winn for the future of cat health!
Winn Feline Foundation
Phone: 201-275-0624
Fax: 877-933-0939


Cats and Halloween – Not a Good Mix

Cats and kittens are not fans of Halloween. The noise, activity, ringing of the doorbell are not treats, only tricks and scary ones at that!

The following article should be a “must read” for all cat owners before tomorrow, Halloween.


The best thing to do is place your cat in a safe room with the door closed, just like you did when you first brought home your kitten.  Dezi and Roo has the following suggestions for your safe room:

Place some favorite objects in the room

Add new toys for interest and fun

Make sure there is a scratching post available

Add food, litter box and water

Tip:  Clothes or pillowcase with your scent on it will help your cat feel safe and secure knowing you are close by.

After my announcement that we have retired from breeding, several pet parents asked me to continue my blog as a way of reminding cat owners of things like the above recommendation for Halloween.  They also said the sharing of photos brings them great pleasure.

What do you think about this suggestion?  I would be happy to do so if enough people have an interest and are willing to periodically send photos and/or stories about their Siberians.

We have some great photographers among our parents.  Look at the composition of this black and white photo by Chuck of his Semper Fi Siberian, Raz, with his just waxed Camaro in the background.  This is a work of art!


Raz and the Camaro

Please let me know what you think:

And if you have any suggestions for topics you would like me to cover, do so in the comment section below.

Thank you and Happy Halloween!



From Beginning to End–An Experience in Love


Semper Fi Siberians began with a trip to East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania on August 23, 2010. There we met Jackie from Inspurrations Cattery who placed our first Siberian, Nadeah in our arms.  When I look back at that time, I realize how very naïve we were.  This was to be a little hobby-–raise a few kittens to bless others with the Siberian breed.  Each and every litter was a learning experience.  We had great mentors – Jackie from Inspurrations and Chris from Sibano.  The most help of all was from our friends, Jessie and Bill from Swamey Tails Cattery. We learned together, sharing both the good days and bad days and both striving to be the best breeders we could be.

It did not take long before we realized the extent of the demand for these beautiful cats. Inquiry after inquiry poured in with stories of allergies and did we think a Siberian might work for them. So we added more females and our own stud to try to keep up with the demand. If you wish to see all our beautiful Siberians, you can view them on our website.  Each will forever hold a special place in our hearts.  Most are now spending their retirement years in the very best homes we could find.  And they are thriving! Look at these beautiful photos just sent to us of Nadeah in her forever home with Linda.

Sophia and Magdalena will remain with us as pets.  All other adults have been placed or promised. We will keep our website open for the time being in the hope that we can still help others who are looking for a Siberian. As time permits Jim will be entering my weekly information sheets on the site for use by others.  Even though we cannot have the pleasure of placing a kitten in your arms, we hope we can help by sharing what we feel is good advice for raising your Siberians.



The months and years flew by and finally it is time to say good-bye to our last litter.


Molly and her four beautiful children–Gabriella, Giuliana, Gia and Tomaso drove all the way from Buffalo, New York to pick up Nienna and Feeley.  They spent the night with Molly’s brother in Downers Grove and brought cousin Samantha along to meet the kittens. They stopped at another brother’s home in Ohio to break up the trip.  When they arrived home, Molly sent this note: “Thanks Nancy, We arrived home without a problem. It’s funny because at both my brothers’ houses the kitties hid for a while but when we got home they were out exploring Ella’s room very quickly!  Taking over the place…Guess they know they are home :)”

Semper Fi Siberians are now residing in 15 states: New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, California, Iowa, Idaho, Colorado, North Carolina, and last but definitely not least Illinois!



Robin and her family adopted Cholula from us and on her first birthday, wrote an email saying Cholula needs a playmate. So the day arrived when Robin and daughter Jillian came to pick up Hatch who is going home to see dad Martin, sister Emmaline, Siberian sister Cholula, and Greyhound Tabasco.  Tabasco, Cholula and Hatch – do you see a theme?

Robin writes:

“Hi Nancy-Just giving you an update on Hatch. He has settled right in. He is the happiest little guy we have ever seen. We took him to the vet this morning and the doctor actually had to distract him with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol so that he would stop purring long enough to listen to his heartbeat. He passed with flying colors. He is eating like a champ and using the litter box. He has not missed a beat. What a snuggly, sweet little fellow he is! You weren’t kidding about his constant purring.”


How is the introduction going, Robin?


And then the day arrived–Friday, October 13, 2017–the day the last  two kittens left our home.

The last time in our arms, Belle and Harley!

And into the arms of Tina!

Tina’s dad came to help take them home.

Smiles all around — we were on the landing saying good-bye with smiles through our tears!

Tina wrote: “Hi Nancy and Jim, Just wanted to let you know they seem to be adjusting well. They are eating well and good with their litter boxes. They have been playing a lot and then take long naps usually under the bed. They are both starting to come up to me on their own. Thanks for raising such wonderful kittens and allowing me to adopt them.  Tina”

We thank you, Tina, Robin and Molly for providing loving homes for our babies.

AND we thank all of the many, many pet parents we have met over the last seven years. Thank you for providing the very best homes a breeder could ever hope for.

We send our love and our prayers for a life lived “Happily Ever After!”

Birthday Breakfast For A Cat Lady

Jim fixed me breakfast on my birthday!


And, no, I have absolutely no problem with them being on the table!

Having A Pet Makes You Happier and Healthier


Diogo, handsome boy belonging to Sonja and Sandra


An excerpt from an article by Dr. Jane who is the holistic vet behind the exceptional pet products we use:

Pets Make Life Healthier for their Pet Parents

Many of us agree that we should do everything within our power to make sure that our companion animals enjoy the best possible life. But did you know that simply by playing a role in your life, your furry kids could actually help you to be not only happier but healthier?

Of course you did. It’s all part of the privilege and fun of being a pet parent. What you may not know is that there’s plenty of science to back it up. As a holistic veterinarian, I’ve read so many reports regarding the health benefits associated with having companion animals, which has been accumulated over the last two decades, including numerous research studies in the U.S. and across the globe.

A study published in The British Journal of Health Psychology reports that people who have companion animals tended to be healthier than those who did not.

Researchers at the University of Leicester found that when pets are in a household, children six years and younger develop social skills at an accelerated rate. Additionally, these children tend to have better coordination, improved confidence, superior communication skills and are even less likely to have allergies!

The British Medical Journal concluded that companion animals serve a vital need for socialization, especially for people at a higher risk for isolation, like those who suffer from physical limitations that might prevent them from interacting socially. Most medical professionals agree that the broader the network of social contacts, the better we are able to deal with the difficult times in life. This study, and others like it, supports the idea that this need for social relations can be fulfilled equally well by companion animals as with people.

These and many other studies reinforce what we as pet parents have suspected all along … that our beloved four-footed companions play huge roles in our health and happiness as members of our families.

Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place for your dear companions,
Dr. Jane

And now for some photos of Semper Fi Siberians making life happier and healthier for their pet parents:


Thank you, Jane for sending the lovely photos of Garsha and Sabina. We also enjoyed  reading about the joy they bring to others.  One of these days, we will be able to accept your kind invitation and come to see them and you!


Sasha, photo by Kayla.

It is impossible to look into those soulful blue eyes and not feel worries slip away and peace abide!

Nikki says she has to put water in the tub every day for Niko and Samara, but on Sunday they like to relax!

Pavel at three months and Pavel now – thanks Tara for this great comparison!

Sir Gingersnaps of Semper Fi relaxing after celebrating his second birthday. Thanks Christy!


Goose and Gunner, part of Kelly’s decorating scheme!



Sandy’s favorite photo of Sasha. Mine too!


And since they make us healthier, please feed quality food to your pets so we can enjoy them for many years to come. http://www.mrsilversfood.com

Ana and Her Kittens Go Home

First of all, I want to thank everyone for your expressed concerns regarding our home in Florida.  I did post an update on my last blog post saying Irma only caused minor damage to our home although others in our community were not so fortunate. I fly to Ft. Myers tomorrow for an appointment with my eye specialist on Thursday and will happily open the door and walk into 28 Hanna Court!

Last week was another busy week at Semper Fi between kitten care and loving (lots of loving!), vet appointment, doctor appointments, lunch with good friend, Dawn, baking a cake for Refuge for Women, kitten adoptions and finishing off the week with a Saturday drive to Wisconsin.

Raspberry Lemon Cake

It is always so fun to greet the new pet parents and see their happy faces when they know it is finally time to take home their new kittens.


First to go home was Pip. He will be joining Semper Fi Pusheen at the home of sisters, Alysia and Tiffany.

Pip, formerly Benjamin Franklin



Our pet parents, Zdenka and Erik, decided to keep the name George Washington for their handsome boy; he will be called GiGi!

George Washington and still George Washington!

Look at the precious cup Zdenka brought to me from Prague!

It’s a fun time when the children come to welcome their new family member.  Lynn and Genevieve are the cat lovers in the family but Kiernan and Decklin also were taken with Roxy!


Ibrahim has been wanting either a red or cream Siberian kitten for quite some time. He was finally able to take home his beloved Hunter.

Hunter, formerly Thomas Jefferson


My friend and fellow Siberian breeder, Andrea, from Tunies Siberians in Minnesota is the new mama to not only Ana’s baby Coruska (Cora) but also to Ana! Tunies Siberians is where Ana came from and now she goes back to finish her breeding career.  It is very, very difficult for Jim and I to give up our adults but we receive so much comfort when we know they are going to exceptional homes.


Coruska, formerly Betsy Ross and TuniesSiberians Ana of Semperfi

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