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  • June 2019
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Recommended Breeder


“Hi, Nancy! We want to get another Siberian. Who do you recommend as a breeder.”


“Hello, do you have any Siberian kittens available? …….Oh, you’re no longer breeding kittens? Who should I contact?”

Even though we no longer have our website, we still get calls or emails. I try to help by recommending breeders I know and trust.  So when one of the recommendations works for a family, I am thrilled!

We received this great email and photos from a family who fell in love with her neighbors’ cats (Semper Fi Siberians!). Her neighbor told her she should call me for a recommendation. I gave her several names and she contacted them and decided on Cartier Siberians.

Dear Nancy,

From Kelly to you to Dainah Rico to our home….our kitty Gigi came home on Tuesday night and made our daughter Ella the happiest girl in the world!!! Thank you so much for helping us get her!

If anyone ever asks you for a referral, Dainah has the most beautiful, healthy, well cared for kittens we could ever imagine. She runs a tight ship and I would recommend her at the highest level. From the very first inquiry to the courrier who flew our kitty to Chicago, Dainah was kind, helpful, thorough and lovely to work with. Thank you for leading us to her!


Dainah Rico is located in Tennessee and her cattery is called Cartier Siberians http://cartiersiberians.com


One of our pet parents, Nikki, loves to share photos and stories with me of the antics of her two Semper Fi Siberians. Last week I said to her. Can you imagine how dull life would be without a Siberian! Her answer was  “So true!!! What an amazing animal.” So, Penny, you and your family have an exciting life ahead of you!


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