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  • April 2019
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Please, Please Read This Post

I have been many things in my 77 years of life. I won’t bore you with the list. But my most important job title was and is “Mother.” And strangely enough it is the job I feel I have been least qualified for.

The majority of my blog followers are mothers also so I am hoping you will be able to empathize with my pain. Would you please read the following blog post written by my daughter, including the letter to the superintendent?

Why am I asking you to read this since you are no way involved in this situation. Two reasons.

One—just in case one of my many followers are involved in state government, school administration or the legal profession.  If you are such a person, is there any advice you can give as to something we can try to do to correct this wrong; something that will allow my daughter to return to the profession she loves and is very, very good at?

Two—please remember this incident when interacting with your children’s teachers. So many of today’s teachers are dealing with children who have absolutely no respect for authority. I know your children are not like these because I met them all when you came to select and pick up your kitten. But please be aware that maybe if your child’s teacher is not 100% every minute of every day, it may be because she has reached her limit and received no help from her administration. Reach out to her/him with thanks. Send a note to the principal with praise for the teacher.

I desperately want to help my daughter! As a mother I should be able to do so! I feel helpless! So if you can give any advice, it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. And I ask one more thing—please pray for my daughter and for all teachers.  Thank you!


Hey there background friends. I have good news and bad news. First let’s go with the good news. I received some major screen time on episode 7 of Proven Innocent. Click here for a link to check out this video! It was pretty awesome seeing more than a fleeting image of myself on TV. The only sad part is that I also worked with my mom that day but I couldn’t find her in the episode. How about you Mom? Did you see yourself? I truly looked but maybe my fascination with seeing myself caused me to miss it. Anyway, it was such a fun thing when I saw how much time I was on screen. If you haven’t checked out Proven Innocent on Fox, please do. You won’t see me again until episode 13 when I am on the jury.

And Now Major Bad News

I guess I won’t be taking a break from background work for the next two months as that job I told you about last time fell through. Yep, it’s true. I had a great interview with the principal and the job was mine as soon as he checked my references. Knowing my references were great, I thought it was a sure thing. But nothing in this life is a sure thing, my friends. I guess the superintendent of the school district did not feel comfortable with hiring me due to the false accusation I told you about before. This situation is going to haunt me forever it seems. If you click here, you can read a letter I wrote to this superintendent. I know it won’t get me the job but maybe she will realize the impact her decision has had on me. I even asked her for advice. I am pretty sure I will never receive a response but if I do, you will be the first to know.

Major Screen Time Key West View
My awesome view of the Atlantic Ocean

I’m sad. I am very sad about this whole thing. I’m still hanging in there and having faith that God will show me the way. Maybe it is time for my teaching career to be over. Maybe my talents are needed somewhere else. Who knows? But, in all honesty, my faith is wavering today and I ask for your prayers in helping me recover from this recent set back. Looking on the bright side, if I have to be sad, it might as well be as fun of a place as is Key West. With this view from my balcony, it’s hard to not notice God’s wondrous world.

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