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Long Time, No See!

You may have been wondering why there have not been any recent blog posts. Without going into detail, there are circumstances that must take priority at this time. Do not worry; my physical health is fine and after my recent corneal transplant, I am seeing with a clearness I never realized possible. 

From time to time I run across articles that I want to share with you but find I do not have the time or energy to write a full blog post complete with the kitten/cat photos you so enjoy.  
So rather than not sharing at all, I will share these articles in the hopes you will read them and they will be beneficial to you.
As with other times in life, this too shall pass, and it won’t be long before I am posting photos of our beloved Semper Fi Siberians enjoying life if their forever homes.

Brings Out Kitty’s Best, Gives Her the Time of Her Life and Boosts Your Special Bond.  By Dr. Karen Shaw Becker

We have a feline obesity epidemic in this country, and one of the reasons is because our indoor cats are overfed couch potatoes. Just because kitties are more independent than dogs doesn’t mean they don’t need the tools and motivation to get regular heart-thumping exercise.
It’s easier to get your cat physically active than you might think, for example, hide kitty’s portion-controlled food around the house and let her hunt for it. Ensure she has climbing and scratching surfaces, high perches and interactive toys that bring out her predator instincts. Also consider providing your kitty with a safe, secure outdoor enclosure and/or train her to walk with you on a harness and leash
10 Ways to Help Your Cat Exercise
1. Hunting for food and treats

Your cat, while domesticated, has maintained much of his natural drive to engage in the same behaviors as his counterparts in the wild, including hunting for food, which also happens to be great exercise. A great way to do that with an indoor cat is to have him “hunt” for his meals and treats.
Separate his daily portion of food into three to five small meals fed throughout the day in a variety of puzzle toys or indoor hunting feeder mice. You can also hide his food bowls or food puzzle toys in various spots around the house.
2. Cat trees and elevated vertical spaces
Climbing, scratching and stretching are natural feline activities that help keep their bodies well-conditioned and their minds stimulated. Indoor cat trees should ideally reach from floor to ceiling, be very stable (not wobbly) and covered with a variety of cat-tractive materials to entice kitty to climb, stretch and claw. If you can place your cat tree near a window, even better.
Cats also enjoy climbing to high perches to watch the world from a safe distance, so make sure the cat tree has at least one. You can also add wall shelves and window seats to give kitty a range of choices.
3. Outdoor enclosures
Providing your indoor cat the opportunity to experience the outdoors safely provides both physical and mental stimulation without the risks of free roaming. It also gives her an opportunity for beneficial grounding.
Many cat parents are creating safe outdoor enclosures or cat patios — catios — that allow their feline family members secure access to the outdoors. The enclosure should be open air, allowing kitty exposure to fresh air and sunlight, but shielded enough to prevent escape or a predator from gaining access.
4. Leash walks
Another way to get a willing cat outdoors in nice weather is to walk him on a harness and leash. This obviously won’t be the answer for every cat, but if you feel yours might enjoy going for walks, here are 10 tips for training a cat to walk on a leash.
5. Laser pointers
Laser pointers can be used to get kitty chasing and pouncing on the red dot for five or 10 minutes a day. The problem is there’s nothing for her to actually catch, so she’ll probably tire of it quickly. But definitely keep it in your cat’s toybox if you know it will get her moving for short periods of time. (Never point it in her eyes.)
6. Feather toys
Interactive feather toys, especially one called Da Bird, are irresistible to most cats. “What I recommend is two play sessions a day, and work up to 10 or 15 minutes per play session,” says feline behavior consultant Dr. Marci Koski. “You want to get your cat running, leaping and jumping. You want to get him engaged in the prey sequence, which is staring, stalking and chasing, pouncing and grabbing, and then performing a kill bite. That will tap into his predatory instincts and let him feel like a cat.”
7. Fake furry mice
These little mouse toys are also a hit with most cats. They’re not the real thing, of course, and your kitty knows it, but they’ll do in a pinch. Cats seem to like the size, texture and “battability” of the mice. Try flicking one across the floor in front of your kitty and see how she reacts.
8. Soap bubbles
Many cats think it’s great fun to chase and swat bubbles floating in the air!
9. Catnip
Some kitties go wild for catnip, so a catnip toy can be an ideal way to get your kitty in the mood for some interactive playtime. When a susceptible cat (not all cats are affected by catnip) absorbs the nepetalactone in the herb, her pleasure centers in the brain are activated and the next thing you know, she’s rolling around in a state of goofy bliss. And despite the fact that catnip appears to make kitties “high,” it’s an entirely harmless and non-addictive herb.
10. Hiding boxes
When cats in the wild feel threatened, they head for trees, dens or caves to seek safety. Captive kitties don’t have that option, so their obsession with hiding in boxes may be an adaptation. And studies show access to hiding boxes reduces feline stress, especially in shelter cats. Many cats also use hiding boxes as cardboard jungle gyms and spend time playing in and around them.

April 24, 2018


 Can You Afford a $5,000 Pet Emergency?

 What would you do if your dog or cat needed medical care or surgery that cost $5,000 to save his life? Could you do it?

 Many pet owners can’t afford that kind of veterinary bill. You may want to provide the best care for your pet, but after all the other bills — including mortgage or rent, groceries, credit card bills, and more — there just isn’t a lot left.

 That’s why I believe in pet insurance. Pet insurance allows pet owners (you) to do the best for their pets when an unexpected emergency or expense occurs.

 Over the past two decades as a veterinarian, I’ve worked with several different pet insurance companies and I’ve seen how having insurance allowed pet owners to really do the best for their pets when they would otherwise not be able to afford treatment. A lack of funds can lead to a decreased quality in care or, even worse, opting for euthanasia when treatment could have helped.

 Clients commonly ask questions about pet insurance so I’ve spent time over the past 20+ years researching the different companies. I recently worked with the pet insurance company Pets Best and there are several things I really like about them. Like PetPlace.com, Pets Best was founded by a veterinarian passionate about pet health and well-being. I’ve found that Pets Best is one of the most affordable, comprehensive, and well ranked pet insurance companies on the market.

Here are just a few things I really like about Pets Best:
 They are veterinarian owned, just like PetPlace.com! They know what it means to provide good care.

No upper age limits — any pet can be insured

They cover hereditary and congenital problems

They offer routine care coverage options

You can submit your claims online, via email, or through their mobile app

They process claims in just five days and you can get free direct deposit reimbursement

They have a 24/7 pet helpline that can answer your questions

 If you want to do the best for your pet, one thing I really recommend for my patients and friends is pet insurance. One of the biggest benefits of pet insurance is that it provides peace of mind when you need it the most. In case of an emergency, bills are just one less thing that you need to take care of.

 With warm regards,

 Dr. Debra Primovic, DVM

 P.S. You would never let your children go without health insurance, and in my opinion our pets are just like our kids. Take five minutes to learn more and find out if pet insurance is right for you. Go to PetsBest.com and get a free quote.


A wise lady once told me, if you want to be happy, organize your life in this order: God first, family second and career third.

Sophie likes to join me in my morning bible study and prayer time.

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    Always good to see an email from you in the inbox, always a blessing, thank you!

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    Hope you are doing well!


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