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Funny Positions

Nikki, pet parent of Niko and Samara has set forth a challenge to you. She says every day Niko does something that cracks her up. He always sits in crazy positions. She wants you to show us all the funny positions your cats get into.

This is Niko:


Notice how he sleeps with his paws flipped under!


Ying has Camo affectionately call me Grandma when she sends photos. “Grandma look at me! I’m doing cat yoga.”



And this is Sasha who is one of three cats that control Sandy’s life! She says this is “Sasha sittn’ sloppy.”



And Bill says “when a bag is not just a bag!” Where are you, Laysa?



Who needs toys when you have bags!  These two adorables, Sabina and Garsha, bring laughs and joy to Jane!



Justin sent several great pics of Skippy Jon. Here are two that brought smiles to my face!



Gina says “I want this life!! It was a shoebox yesterday but we didn’t tape it with proper reinforcements. Notice the chewed up cardboard all over the carpet from both Felix and Fiona.” 😂



John says “As I aimed the camera, Gracie gave me sass as is typical – captured for posterity! Gracie has an attitude for sure.”



Amber  says this is how Yuki  asks  for belly rubs: FB7B4CB8-4182-45BC-9271-373B8B16C929

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  1. LOL love it. Thanks for including Sasha. here’s a photo of Liz


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