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Euthanasia Drug Found in Dozens of Pet Foods

I have been notified  three times this week by the FDA with regard to recalls on pet food.

The one that is making the biggest news concerns pet foods containing pentobarbital which is a drug used to euthanize animals.

I feel so fortunate to be affiliated with a pet food company that cares. (Mrsilversfood.com)I was notified by Life’s Abundance they would conduct a webinar today for their field reps with regard to this problem. I tuned in and am very glad I did.

This is serious!

Brands in the current recall are produced by Big Heart Pet Foods which is owned by Smuckers.  There is an entire list in the following article published by the FDA. A partial list is: Gravy Train, Kibbles and Bits, Skippy, Ol’ Roy, Evangers.


Pentobarbital slows activity of the brain and nervous system.  In low doses it can cause drowsiness, dizziness, excitement, loss of balance, nausea, eyes moving back and forth. In high doses it can cause coma and death.

How does it get into pet food? You are not going to like the answer! One possibility is that animals euthanized are then rendered and used in animal products.

Although small amounts may not cause severe problems, federal regulations stipulate that it is illegal for any pentobarbital to be contained in pet foods. And it has been illegal since the 1990’s when it was first identified in pet food.

The lady conducting the webinar asked all of us to notify anyone we know who are using these products to stop immediately.  I wish I could say there is no way any of our pet parents are using these products.  But sadly, I cannot. I really do not understand why anyone would stop using Life’s Abundance. You cannot separate the products from the company. Life’s Abundance is different from other companies.

  • They use premium ingredients. Before selecting a supplier they do their due diligence.
  • They use premium delivery. Each product is made in small batches, quickly packaged and sent to the distribution centers which they own and control. When a customer orders the product, it is delivered to their door in a matter of a couple of days. When this company was formed, they decided this is the way it should be distributed rather than having it sent to warehouses and stores where there is no control over how it is handled.
  • There are three service options available to every customer. L/A provides 100% open communication. As a field rep, we are your first line of communication. Next, the customer care reps are highly trained and are always there to help you. Thirdly, anyone in management is available to you.
  • If L/A ever had to do a recall they have a record of every batch and who it is sent to. You would be contacted within one day! The above article tells stores to contact purchasers of these products that are being recalled. Really? Does the manager of Walmart know you purchased Gravy Train during your last visit to his store?
  • We take safety seriously. This is an employee owned company. Everyone of us feeds our pets L/A products.
  • And if that isn’t enough to convince a person of the quality of this company, a percentage of every purchase you make goes to the Dr. Jane foundation who distributes funds to worthy pet help facilities and shelters.

Our three cats and dog love Life’S Abundance. If you have switched to another brand, please switch back and if your pet has never tried it, go to mrsilversfood.com and learn all about this great company and their great products!


Zoe is our domestic shorthair/Siamese adopted in 2004 from the humane society in Morristown, TN


Zeke is an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie Mix who we adopted from a shelter in 2007. Here he is in his Florida cut—it’s hot down here!


Sophia is our beautiful Seal Lynx Point Siberian who is 6 years old and enjoying her retirement from breeding. But she does miss all her babies as we do too!


This is Magdalena who is our golden mackerel tabby Siberian who  will be 4 in June. She has become very playful in her retirement.

The  following are the other two recalls received this week:



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  1. Bridget OShea

     /  February 22, 2018

    Nancy and Jim,

    I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. I found your reply in my junk mail. I will get you the photos of Lyla and Everest ASAP. I’ve got some I think you’ll really enjoy.

    Also I have a question: there’s been quite a bit of hair drama in my house lately. Hair knots and hairballs are prevalent and brushing them out has resulted in some rather loud protests – Lyla woke my neighbors up one night screaming as I tried to brush a hair mat on the base of her tail. Everest has very fine hair on his belly and I’ve got plenty of scratches on my hands and wrists from him fighting me. Are there any detanglers or other products that may help ease this struggle? I’m on a budget, so anything inexpensive would be preferable.

    Also is there a time you’re available by phone? I’ve got some behavior concerns about Lyla, nothing bad – I just thought I could get some insight from the experts. Thanks!



    • Hi Bridget, Thank you for your question. I will respond within the next few days to you personally and later I will dedicate a blog post to this subject. I am having a second procedure done on my eye today so will not be available for a phone conversation. If it is not an emergency, could we speak next week? If it is something you feel needs my immediate attention, of course you can call me sooner. I use my same phone number while in Florida: 217-823-5482.


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