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Is Your Litter Safe For Your Cats?

In addition to photos of our  beautiful Siberians, I receive questions that are of concern from our pet parents. This is one I received last week.

Hi Nancy, “I happened on this while reading an article on alcohol being carcinogenic. Apparently the state of California leads the way and are (or have) planned to put a cancer warning on clumping kitty litter:


Aargh so now I don’t know what to do. Maybe switch to one of their recommendations. But, the boys put out an enormous amount of urine every day. Don’t know how I’ll handle that.

Anyway, just wanted to make sure you’re aware of this.” Lynn

I immediately wrote to Dr. Elsey who is the veterinarian/founder of the cat litter company whose products I have recommended to all of you.

I received a very quick reply.

Dear Nancy

Thank you for your email and recommending our product to your kitten buyers. With that said, the article that was sent is not true and not based on any scientific research. Clumping forms of cat litter are the largest selling litter in the US. Sodium Bentonite does contain small amounts of crystalline generally between 0-10% – ours is less than 1%. Crystalline silica, inhaled or airborne particles of respirable size, has been classified as a known human carcinogen, but only in exposures from occupational sources. The occupational sources referred to are applications that crush or fracture crystalline silica grains such as sandblasting or grinding. The use of clumping clay litter is not an occupational exposure.

Clumping clay litters containing sodium bentonite have been on the market for over 30 years. In that time these products have enjoyed tremendous popularity among cat owners due to the their performance, convenience and safety. More importantly, since their introduction there has been no valid scientific evidence linking clay-based clumping litter containing sodium bentonite with any feline or human health problems.

Furthermore, we always take the high road and tell customers to use what they feel comfortable with and their cats like however most of this content is published by companies that don’t sell clay litter as marketing. Dr. Elsey our company founder has been a feline veterinarian for about 40 years and has not seen any evidence of issues with clumping clay litter. I hope this helps.


Gina Zaro
Marketing Director
Dr. Elsey’s Cat Products
1600 W. Dartmouth Ave.
Englewood, CO 80110
877-311-2287 x103

There are so many scares that are thrown around both with regard to our pets’ health and our health.  Let’s not believe all of them unless they can provide scientific data to support their claim. I did not believe this when I first read it because I learned from a fellow Siberian breeder that she had heard we should not let kittens use clumping litter as it could kill them. She had been breeding for many years using clumping litter with absolutely no problems. She decided to conduct a survey. She called many vets and asked if they had ever had a kitten/cat die from clumping cat litter. Every one of them said no.  I wanted more evidence before I answered our pet parent so that is why I wrote to Dr. Elsey.  Thank you, Lynn, for bringing this to my attention and for the opportunity to share what we learned with the rest of the Semper Fi Siberian Family.

Now here are some great photos of our Semper Fi Siberians. And there are more to come in future blog posts!



This is Kazmir, king of John’s castle! Kazmir is 3-1/2 and is the son of Liliya and Mr. Silver.



This is Arya, 16 month old daughter of Maggie and Mr. Silver. Katie and Derek sent us a lovely email. This is an excerpt:

“When we picked her out, you had mentioned that she would always have a cute face and we think you were right! Sending through a few picture updates for you to enjoy. A few to note: Arya went to Petco to see Santa and was called the “best cat of the day.” Arya has a love/hate relationship with her doppelganger stuffed animal. For her spay, we bought her a suit so this picture shows that off but also the fact that she has learned tricks! Primarily “high five” “spin around” “sit” “climb up” and “beg.” Also – we dressed her up as a Pirate for Thanksgiving. It seemed to suit her personality.”



Robin sent a photo of Cholula and Hatch. “Both are doing well and seem to have decided to live together in mostly peace. Hatch has a lot of energy and Cholula sometimes has to tell him “enough” but she seems to enjoy his company most of the time. She is still such a sweetheart.” Cholula and Hatch are thirteen months apart in age; they have the same mother and father, Liliya and Mr. Silver.


Lisa sent us this stunning photo of Dax who is 3-1/2 and is the son of Zhaklin and Mr. Silver. “It’s been a while since we’ve emailed you but I just wanted to show you how handsome our Dax has grown to be! He has quite the personality! My girls are now 8 and 11 and he literally thinks he is one of the kids! He does homework with them, plays with them, sleeps with them, lets them dress him up and hold him in the most awkward positions😂. He eats it up! Now, he avoids me at all cost because I give him too much lovin haha! He only likes me during treat time! He’s quite the Facebook kitty superstar…..everyone knows Dax! He learned to ring a bell when he wanted treats and if it was up to him, he’d ring it all day😂. We have to put it up! I just wanted to drop a message letting you know he’s been the best addition to this family”


Yuri sent  this sweet photo of Shakespeare who is the 8 month old son of Sophia and Mr. Silver. “Shakespeare is very social and a big ball of energy. He loves to follow us around everywhere and is very sweet.”


Ying sent this handsome photo of Camo. And look at the precious video of Cameron playing with Camo. Ying says “it’s a win-win situation; they both get stimulation.” Camo is 9 months old and is the son of Magdalena and Mr. Silver.



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