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Our Star, Ellie


“People who say cats aren’t very expressive and are impossible to gauge just don’t have a clue. A cat’s ears, eyes, body posture and, in particular, her tail, express exactly what she’s thinking and how she’s feeling. You just have to “listen” to cat tail language.”

Find out more:


This week’s Semper Fi Star is Ellie.  Katheryn says “Ellie loves snuggles, treats and heights and we love her!”

How about that tail when she’s looking in the refrigerator!



“She climbs the balcony above our living room – yikes! Mischievous where she can be. And snuggly the rest of the time. She is just the best cat.”


Thank you Katheryn for sharing these photos with all of us.

I am hearing lots of stories of cold weather and snow in Illinois and other parts of the country. Hope you are staying warm and safe. It is 83 degrees today in Fort Myers with 0% of precipitation. Wish you could join us! Maybe during spring break?

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  1. LOL, great post!!!!

    Jim Bathurst Col, USMC (Ret) Author: We’ll All Die As Marines Commander, Fox Valley Young Marines


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