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Cat House on Wheels 2018


Well, it’s that time of year again—the time when the Cat House on Wheels makes its journey to Florida. Of course, this journey would not be complete without its share of problems! But this year, the problems have begun without the motorhome even leaving the driveway of our Crystal Lake home.

I flew to Fort Myers last Friday to be down here in time for necessary pre-op arrangements. My cornea transplant for my left eye is scheduled for this Thursday. Our motor home was having major repairs done at Newmar in Indiana which caused a departure delay and Jim had a very good friend pass away and he needed to stay for the memorial service.

Jim was scheduled to leave this morning. He texted me early saying the motor home was packed, the Mini Cooper was hitched up, the roads had been plowed, Zeke, Zoe and Sophie were loaded in the motor home, but Maggie was no where to be found! He has searched every area of the house using a flashlight to check the dark corners.

And yes, John, he tried the shake the treat bag trick, and she still didn’t come out!

It is now 12:15 and still no Maggie.

Whoops, let me stop typing for a minute; the phone is ringing. It is Jim and they are on their way! It is 12:40 CST.

So how did he find her? He went to the motor home and brought Sophie back in the house.  He had a feeling Maggie was somewhere in his man cave which has open rafters in the ceiling. He put Sophie in there with some of the freeze dried chicken hearts. He then went upstairs and turned on the TV so she would think everything was back to normal. Pretty soon, here comes Sophie up the stairs with Maggie following her!

Problem solved!

God, please watch over Jim and our “family” as they journey to join me in Fort Myers!






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  1. Prayers for your surgery and Jim’s safe arrival

  2. Vicki

     /  January 15, 2018

    Oh I am so glad you wrote Nancy. I have been wondering if you were in Florida yet. What a cute story about Miss Maggie. It appears Jim is on Maggie’s time schedule and not his own!

    The last couple of weeks were miserable for me with a sciatica flare up. I had never experienced such pain before and would hope to never again. Last Wednesday I had an epideral and that did the trick. It is back to school for me tomorrow half days. My Tom and Tabitha were very concerned about me and were such good company during my stay at home. Keep us posted on your surgery and eye progress. Best Wishes.


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