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Happy New Year!


Resolutions Your Cat Wants You To Keep

Play More

Indoor cats need lots of opportunities to run, jump, chase, pounce and play. It is important to their mental and physical health to stay active, engaged and occupied. Resolve to play with your cat at least twice a day.

Ibrahim takes a break from his work to play with Hunter.


Provide Creative Places To Hide

Cats love to hide and they need new places in which to do so. Get creative in finding ways to set up hiding holes for your cat to enjoy.


Niko hiding from Nikki


Tina said Harley and Belle loves their Christmas present.


Brenda’s Izabella

Provide Outdoor View

Place a bird feeder outside that can be viewed from a window of your home. Place a window seat at a window.           https://www.chewy.com/kitty-cot-original-worlds-best-cat/dp/135953


Arya likes her window view. I love it too, Katie and Derek!


Sly loves to watch the squirrels and birds from his window.

Grow Grass

Feeding  grass to indoor cats can be beneficial. It is easy to grow but takes commitment to do it on a regular basis. Yes, they will probably throw up after eating it but this can be a good thing. If you are interested in this option, read the following article.



Provide the Very Best Food:  MrSilversFood.com


Bill says Laysa likes the grain free Lifes Abundance food best.

And what is the best food for your cat? Our experience has confirmed what we have recommended for many years. Life’s Abundance:  mrsilversfood.com

Please make sure your cat is given canned food: Life’s Abundance Instinctive Choice. Believe me, I have heard every objection. Yes, there are times when our cats turn up their noses but if we don’t give in and put out the dry food, they will eat the wet food—sometimes we just have to stir it up again.

This is our schedule: morning—we place on flat plates one can for each cat.  Evening—we place on flat plates one can for each cat and topped with freeze dried chicken crumbles (our cat’s favorite brand is Cat-Man-Doo). Every night before we go to bed we put out some Life’s Abundance grain free dry food in one shallow bowl.

There are days when Maggie is still hungry after eating her can and finishing Sophie’s plate so if she lets me know she is still hungry, I giver her more. And some days she won’t eat much at all. I have learned not to worry. The next day she will be back to her hungry self.

What about the objection I have heard. “There is only one flavor; they need different foods so they don’t get bored.”  Cats like consistency! Our pet family has eaten the same food for over seven years.

Every night they are given a few treats—Lifes Abundance’s Gourmet Cat Treats—all of our cats absolutely love these. We did try the new L/A freeze dried turkey hearts but our cats turn their noses up at those. If you have tried the new treats, I would be interested to know which one your cat likes.

If you are new to my blog and want to try Life’s Abundance, email me and we will give you a $20 gift certificate to get you started. This is how much we believe in this company.  Read the email from one of our pet parents, Linda:

Dear Nancy and Jim,

I just wanted to drop you a note while it’s fresh in my mind about what a wonderful company “Life’s Abundance” is! I subscribe to auto ship for Nadeah’s canned and dry food (she gets mostly canned but I toss a few crunchies into the mix). I was distracted this week and forgot that a delivery was on it’s way so when I backed out of my driveway yesterday morning, there was the box sitting on my front porch. It had rained the night before so it was soaked and falling apart … and it had been invaded by some neighborhood critter. Half of the 6# dry food bag was left, some scattered across the porch and the rest I presume made a tasty midnight snack for some local raccoons!

I was mad at myself for forgetting the delivery and having to throw what was left away so I placed a replacement order for another 6# bag. I got thinking that I didn’t want to repeat the process again so I called Life’s Abundance to see if they could send delivery emails. I had a wonderful customer service representative and once she heard my story of stupidity, she graciously credited my account for the replacement bag. Wow! I wasn’t expecting that but was certainly pleasantly surprised. That is great customer service in any book! Anyway, great products and great customer service.


I’ve been working from home the last couple of days which means Nadeah gives up her usual sleeping haunts to snooze next to my laptop instead. Nothing better than to have her next to me all day long. I just love it!

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