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It Can Happen To You Also!

If you do not read another email today, please read this one.

“Hi Nancy,

I just wanted to give you an update on Buttercup. I saw your post about Sly and wanted to let you know we had quite a little scare ourselves recently. Somehow Buttercup found Christmas ribbon that my daughter was using for crafts. I found him lethargic and hiding in the basement and he threw up a bunch of times. We brought him to the emergency vet since it was after hours. They did an X-ray and ultrasound and found his intestines enlarged and something “linear in nature”. They opened him up to find the ribbon all tangled in his intestines. They were able to remove it all except some that already made it to his large intestines, which he passed on his own a few days later. It was a rough recovery, it took him a week to start eating again and we had to take him back in for fluids and IV antibiotics.

This happened the week before Thanksgiving and I can officially say he is back to normal and his crazy kitty self! Needless to say we have our Christmas tree up with no ornaments this year…too scared of the possibility of him eating something he shouldn’t and definitely no presents with ribbon!!!

Feel free to share as a reminder to other cat parents about the dangers of Christmmas.”

Nikki B.

That makes three in our Semper Fi family whose cat had to undergo surgery to remove something they should not have eaten–Buttercup, Sly and our Roscoe. Fortunately Buttercup and Sly survived; our Roscoe did not.

We three families all love our cats and take exceptionally good care of them. But it still happened to us. And it can happen to you also.

Please watch closely when you are wrapping and unwrapping presents. Where are your cats? Have you safely thrown away all ribbons and other items they could swallow? We want you to have a happy holiday celebration, not one spent at the emergency vet where you could have to spend thousands of dollars. That is not a typographical error, I do mean thousands not hundreds.

Let’s safely celebrate this holiday season with our beloved Siberians like the ones pictured here:


“I’ve been loving the holiday themed blog posts-definitely some great food for thought!

Wanted to check in and let you know how well Sonya is doing. She becomes sweeter and funnier every day somehow-always devising a new way to make me laugh!

I recently added a tiny fake Christmas tree to my apartment, covered in only cat-safe (mostly plush) ornaments. Sonya loves to stare at it…and occasionally pull an ornament off!

Hope you and Jim are enjoying the holidays. All the best from Sonya and I!”



Ana, Kat and Cora happily celebrating Christmas with Andrea and family.


Boris and Natasha with Santa

“I just wanted to send an update. Both cats are doing great. As you can see they got to take their pic with Santa at their vets office. Though they do not seem thrilled in the picture they warmed up to him quickly. They were the only cats of the day to take a pic with Santa.  Not much phases them. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.” Deanne



Gunner underneath Kelly’s Christmas tree


A photo of Keisel From Stephanie K. “Packing bags of presents to head up north and this guy does this! “I go in bag too?”


Maggie, Sophie, Jim and I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and if you celebrate a different holiday, we wish you joy and peace!

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  1. Bridget OShea

     /  December 24, 2017

    Nancy and Jim,

    Happy holidays! I’m sorry to read you’ve had a rough year. Last year, 2016, was a rough one for me. One great thing did come from last year though – Everest! I’ve attached some pics of Lyla and Everest, both of whom have grown into beautiful, fantastic kitties that I love more and more every day. I’m so, so glad they are part of my life. Fortunately they’re both very healthy with no issues aside from a short-lived infection in one of Lyla’s eyes when she was a baby. Everest is a ham for the camera but Lyla, despite her beauty, doesn’t like having her picture taken. I was sorry to read that you guys are retiring. It sounds like it might be the right move though. I’m so glad I found you guys almost three years ago when we first discussed the lovely Lyla. She and her little brother have brought such amazing joy to my life!! Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done!! I hope you enjoy the pictures and again, happy holidays!!

    Happy cat mom, Bridget O’Shea ________________________________

    • Thank you, Bridget, for this lovely note. We are so happy Lyla and Everest bring you joy. This is the only reason we raised Siberian kittens. We wish we had the energy to keep on doing so! For some reason photos do not come through when attached to blog comments. If you could send them to our email, I would so enjoy seeing Lyla and Everest. jimnancy@semperfisiberians.com

  2. awww poor kitty, but i’m glad he’s okay now. They’re lovely cats.


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