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More Gift Suggestions and a Warning

After the positing of my last blog, Kathy texted me and wanted to caution everyone to protect our cats and kittens from Christmas decorations and  toys.  She wrote, “Please remind cat owners that toys can be eaten and thus mess up the digestive system causing surgery to be performed. This was so frightening so we would not want anyone else to go through this. Sly chewed through the Pet Stages plastic teething toy for cats along with the material and straw which caused him to have surgery.”




Kathy, we all appreciate you bringing this to our attention.  Especially for those pet parents who have young kittens teething, make sure toys are only given when you are in the room with them. I caution all pet parents before you leave the house, check for toys that can be chewed and swallowed.  Bring the toys out when you can provide supervision.

Thanks to the great care of Kathy, her family and their vet Sly is well and living the good life!




Another Warning:  If you have a real tree, make sure your pets cannot drink the water the tree is sitting in.


More great gift suggestions from our pet parents:

Lynn says this one is a big hit:

Petstages Green Magic Boomerang Buddy Cat Toy with Powerful Catnip Scent - 1 Toy

“It’s a soft toy stuffed with something, possibly cat nip. Pet Stages calls it a boomerang but it looks more like a banana to me :-). Petya loves to pick it up, toss it and then chase it. Amazon, Chewy, and Pet Supplies all have it.”


Thanks, Jane for sending a photo of Sabina’s and Garsha’s favorite toy:

“Both of my cats love this. They play from the outside, from the inside, alone, together, or with us. When they get tired of it we put it away for awhile. It’s been popular for more than a year now. Very safe, simple, sturdy, and Garsha can’t eat it.”




Also available on Amazon.


Chuck says a few  times a year Target has cat scratcher house kits. “I bought Rasputin the Haunted House one around Halloween and he loves it. The winter version is going under the tree as a gift. He barely fits, but he can curl up and get completely inside. The new one looks like a log cabin with snow on it.”



Raz helping to trim the tree.


Liz says Oscar really likes the Ripple Rug (available on Amazon). Also, ping pong balls are a favorite.

The Ripple Rug - Made in USA - Cat Activity Play Mat - Fun Interactive Play - Training - Scratching - Thermal Bed Mat


More great photos of our Semper Fi Siberians:

6C1B6C59-70FB-4753-9B39-149F61729282Liz (Elizaveta) loved by Sandy.




Bethany says Jax adores Dana. Looks like the feeling is mutual!


858BA6C3-08D6-4232-A164-497C53AAB27DAmy says Lincoln loves when dad has hockey.🏒🏒


LanaThank you, Julie, for sending this beautiful photo of Lana.


MayaDi sent this exquisite photo of Maya.


Lily 2017 Christmas in her new home

Lily in her new home with Ann.



Sue wrote “Your email about continuing your blog prompted me to take a few more photos of Lulu for you. She’s 14 pounds now! She’s super sweet and playful, and we are still very much in love!

Enjoy an Adventure with Simon:


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