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Rasputin’s Harness

I had requests for more information on Rasputin’s harness as pictured in my October 30 blog post. Chuck was happy to send the following:

“Here are some pictures of Rasputin’s harness. Vicki had to make some alterations to it to keep him in it. He figured out how to wiggle out of it right away. We bought it at Petco, it is a dog harness size XS.”

One of our pet parents thought it might be easier to use a harness when it is necessary for a cat to go in the car.  Here is another product you might want to look into for that use: Cat-In-TheBag. My breeder friend, Andrea, said she loves hers. https://youtu.be/MIos4r7V4Dg This video also suggests other uses such as clipping your cat’s nails.


Also in my October 30 post I included a poll to see how many followers would like me to continue my blog.  I am including the poll with this post also.  If you have not already participated, I would appreciate it if you would do so.  I would love if we could have at least 40 pet parents who are willing to send photos of their Siberians on an occasional basis.  Right now we only have 22.

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  1. Sandra Rasmussen

     /  November 6, 2017

    Hi Nancy, I was interested in the harness, too. With our new house we can let Sugar outside on the patio. I think she would love it, however, I do not want her to get fleas.

    That bag sounds like a good idea for cutting the nails. Sugar hates having that done, and we hate doing it. We usually manage to get the front claws done, and then give up for the back.

    I hope you have us down for voting for the blog to continue. I promise I will learn how to send pictures to you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Golf Bless You!

    Sincerely, Sandi >


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