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A Year in the Life of Klaus

What a pleasure it is for us to receive photos of our kittens when they reach milestones throughout their lives. Kelly blessed us with a year in photos of Klaus. Along with the photos came the notice of the birth of their son Luca.

“Please see some of our favorite photos of Klaus attached (and one of Luca!). You get a glimpse of his personality (re: just how stubborn he is) ☺ He will always be our first baby!!”

So why is Kelly saying he is stubborn?  They tried to get him to stop jumping on the kitchen counters.  One of the recommendations in a book I recommended to her said to put a cat tree near the area you don’t want your cat on and he will go on the cat tree instead. So they put it next to the kitchen counter. What does Klaus do? He lies on the counter but puts his paws on the cat tree and looks at her as if to say “I’m on the cat tree; isn’t this what you wanted!”

I’m on the cat tree!

If you want to keep your cats off the counters, you can try but I am kind of in the camp of Cole and Marmalades’s pet parents.


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  1. t b

     /  June 22, 2017

    Mr Sebastian! >

  2. Julie Garthwaite

     /  June 22, 2017

    Cute! Is Klaus one of Sophia’s or Lily’s kittens?


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