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Available Adult Siberian

Before I have Jim post this on our website, I want to let my blog followers know about the availability of one of our adults.

We decided to retire our Zhaklin, affectionately called Jackie, because she had reached the age of 5. We felt that was a good age to stop breeding even though our vet said she was in excellent physical condition. She was spayed in December but we decided to take her to Florida with us where we spend the winter. Jackie has always been our least social Siberian and we wanted to see if spaying her would have a positive effect on her personality. It definitely did–she spent a lot of time on my lap while we were in Florida. She still does not like to be picked up and will often dash away if she thinks you are going to do so. She is best if you let her come to you. She absolutely loves Life’s Abundance treats and will come running when we shake the bag!

We feel with the right home she will become a loving member of the family. When we retire a breeding female we always want to place them in a home with no children and preferably no other animals, although a laid back dog would probably be fine. The reason is we want them to have a home where they are the center of attention. We want them to spend the rest of their lives living like a queen!

Jackie will be 6 in October of this year. Her adoption price is $450.

If you think you might be interested or would like to make an appointment to meet Jackie, please give me a call. We can then discuss the adoption to see if you and we feel it will be a good fit.



(217) 823-5482

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  1. Brenda Schoonmaker

     /  April 24, 2017

    If she is anything like Izzy whomever is lucky enough to adopt her will fall in love immediately.

  2. Lois Cotta

     /  April 25, 2017

    She is gorgeous!!! I wish we could have her, but we already have one of your kittens. Hope you find her a good home.


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