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On The Mend!

Thank you to all  who sent get well wishes in the time of my convalescence. During the many hours of lying flat on my back I thought of each of you with love and gratitude in my heart! I also had some warm, fuzzy company! I was in our guest bedroom where Lily and her “little women” kept me company. My eyesight is not better; in fact, it is worse than before the surgery. But this is to be expected.  It will improve over time as the healing continues.

One of our pet parents, Erin, sent me a note accompanied with some great photos

“Because cat pictures make everything better! Get well soon!”


Maui loves to watch TV.





Don’t you agree? Cat pictures do make everything better! So here are a few more sent to us recently. Let me know if they, indeed, cause you to have a better day.


Two year old Dexter. Thank you Samantha.


Percy sleeping yoga or napping with a smile! Thank you Kristina!


Percy wrestling with his Kickeroo on the beanbag chair.




“Kona M. is awesome and the boys just adore her. They lovingly refer to her as their sister. They tried to sneak her into a suitcase to come with us on our last vacation.” Thank you Michelle!



Lulu the Musician!  Thank you Sue!



Traci says Sebastian is the sweetest cat ever!



Deanne is telling Boris he will soon have a new sister, Natasha.


Deanne said Boris was not pleased with the bunny ears but forgave her eventually.

This gives me another opportunity to remind everyone – NO Lilies this Easter!


“Hello! Sending greetings from Lana, the birthday girl. 2 years old. Hope you are both doing well.” Thank you Julie!


We were scheduled to return to Illinois this week but my doctor wants to rule on the side of caution so he has asked me to come back to see him on April 10 for a check-up to make sure there is no rejection of the cornea transplant. Our plan is optimistic: we will have the motor home all packed and sitting in the driveway. The morning of the 11th we will all get on board and the Cat House on Wheels will head north for Illinois!

See you soon!






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  1. Sandy Zarembski

     /  March 29, 2017

    So glad to hear you’re on the mend; got a hilarious new picture of Sasha which I will send you via email.

  2. Vicki

     /  March 29, 2017

    Glad to hear you are progressing and of course loved the cat pics.

  3. Yes, cat pictures are the best. Is it any wonder I take so many pictures of Pashka and Katya? You have been in my prayers!


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