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Jackie’s Kittens Go To Their Forever Homes

Christmas arrived early for three of our pet parents.  Enrique went to his forever home on December 10.


Weekly photo of Enrique


Ava and James ready to take home Enrique

Ava and James ready to take home Enrique


I am sharing notes from our new pet parents because others may have the same questions:

“Hi Nancy, Enrique is doing so well! He came out of his carrier as soon as I set it down and was off exploring. He slept on the bed with us last night and has been coming to us for pets and cuddles.

Just a quick question for you: he keeps playing in his litter box- is that ok/normal? He’ll play in it, dig around, or just get in there and sit down. Right now he is asleep in there. We’ve tried distracting him with toys whenever he gets in and its clear he’s not there to use it, but he just won’t quit. I wanted to make sure that’s ok and that he won’t always think the litter box is his bed/play area. He has multiple hiding spots and we put a cardboard box with some blankets right next to the litter box in case that’s what he wanted. Still, it seems the box is his first choice.

Thanks Nancy! Sorry to bother you after only one day. 🙂 Besides that, he seems calm and happy!”

My response: “I should have warned you about this.  Yes, it is completely normal.  He and his siblings would go in the box together and wrestle around – made for some messy floors! I just had to make sure I kept the box as clean as possible.  This will lessen in time although every once in a while I see our adults doing the same thing.  I think possibly they are going there to get away from the others.  This is my opinion as far as kittens go – a litter box does not have the same connotation to them that we apply to a toilet.  This is a place of comfort to them.”


We welcome any and all questions from our new pet parents.  It is never a bother for us – that is what we are here for!


Next to go home was Rizzo. He left to go to his forever home on December 11.

Weekly photo of Rizzo

Weekly photo of Rizzo

Rizzo loving his new mom and dad, Kelsey and Chad

Rizzo loving his new mom and dad, Kelsey and Chad









A note from Kelsey:

“Hello Nancy! I wanted to update you, as we absolutely adore Rizzo. He is definitely still getting used to his new home and parents, but has warmed up to us quite a bit! Last night, he did not eat anything which I know you said could happen. This morning and at lunch he did have a few bites from his dish, but I would say a large portion of the food still remains on the dish. I haven’t seen him drink or notice him use the litter box yet. He truly seems happy, and isn’t hiding from us – he sleeps next to us quite often. If eating small amounts is okay, I am happy if you are happy! I just wanted to share this information with you, and make sure everything sounded fine. We are also going to the vet at 10am on Wednesday – It sounds like a very nice place, with a separate cat entrance to avoid additional stress being placed on the pets when they go to the vet.

Thank you for your help! Kelsey”

My response:

” As long as he is eating a little something I am not concerned. Try putting out 1/4 of a can instead of 1/3. If he hasn’t gone to the bathroom by tomorrow night please bring this to the attention of the vet on Wednesday. Scoop through the litter box to make sure there isn’t stool or pee buried.”

And later that day, Kelsey sent this: “After a pretty long afternoon nap he woke up and finished his lunch dish then went straight to the box! I was thrilled, especially because I was getting ready to head into work for the night and I was going to worry! Thanks for your response! Kelsey”


Yes, parents worry with their new babies and we want to do all we can to relieve those worries.  And these are the kind of parents we look for – parents that care enough to worry!


Last to go home the night of December 16 was our girl Sally. She is joining a wonderful family, Mark, Michelle, Sabina and Sienna:

Weekly photo of Sally

Weekly photo of Sally

I just realized this! Sabina, Sienna and Sally - all S's!

I just realized this! Sabina, Sienna and Sally – all S’s!


The weather was terrible that night so I asked if they wanted to wait until Saturday but the girls were very anxious to get Sally in their arms. As you can see, Sally is loving it. Mark drove very carefully so all arrived home safely!










A note from Michelle: “Just wanted to let you know Sally is adjusting. When we first got home she didn’t want to get out of the carrier. We ended up going to bed. She eventually came out and explored the room. By 2:30 she was curled up asleep on the foot of the bed. Around 4:30, she wanted to play and to be pet.  Around 5:30 she was asleep between the two girls.”

It sounds like Michelle was up a lot that night!



This blog post will be the last one before Christmas so this is your last chance to enter to win one of our presents. You can see the presents by looking at the posts for December 5 and 11.  Make your comment below before midnight on December 24.  Christmas Day all the names of the blog followers who posted comments this month will be put into a basket.  My grandchildren will have the pleasure of selecting the winners by drawing names from the basket.  Good luck!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the pet parents who have sent us Christmas cards and wished us Happy Holidays through emails and post comments.  We have not had the time to send out Christmas cards but it is our prayer that each of you know how much we care for you and wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  1. Kathy Lincoln

     /  December 19, 2016

    Hi Nancy and Jim,
    Great photos of the itty bitty kitties. Sly is loving the Christmas season as boxes are delivered. I have given him some new toys yet he rather jump in the boxes and play our hide and seek game. He still hasn’t figured out how his tail has grown and sticks out of the box or that his ears are up out of the box. He loves to chase me upstairs and then down again to tap my ankles as if he is saying, “Got you last!” This is my exercise routine as it is too cold to go outside and walk with Edward. Merry Christmas and may our dear Lord bless you and your family to a healthy New Year in 2017!

  2. Vicki

     /  December 19, 2016

    Three beautiful kittens with three wonderful families. The girls are really cute with
    Sally. My baby, Viktor, who is over 7 months old has grown lots and I noticed just yesterday how he has now grown into his tail. Before this his tail was longer than his body! At the moment he is sound asleep on my down throw (excuse me I meant to say our down throw) (excuse me again I meant to say his down throw). Ha!

  3. Leah

     /  December 21, 2016

    Congratulations to each family on the arrival of their little ones! Merry Christmas!!


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