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Smiles All Around and Kisses Too!

More happy pet parents!

Ana’s kittens:

Rizzo  has now joined three other Semper Fi Siberians at Sara and Ranan’s home.

Luke Skywhiskers started out in life just great but at age 2 weeks we noticed he was not growing as quickly as his littermates, wasn’t as fluffy and his skin felt leathery.  Our vet took blood and urine tests and sent to an outside lab trying to find out what the problem was.  It was finally determined the problem was dermatological.  As the weeks passed, he gained weight, his skin smoothed out and he became the most outgoing of the litter.  Even at four weeks, he would run to meet us as soon as we opened the door to the kitten room. It became obvious he was going to be a wonderful kitten, just not as big or fluffy as our other kittens.  There were several families that wanted to take him. Sara’s whole family including Ranan, Asha, Kiki and Jeeves came to see him one Saturday morning…and it became obvious…they were the family to take in this little guy and love him forever.  They named him Rizzo. As my readers know, Kiki is our kitten assistant, and Sara is our helper and pet guardian when we have to be away for a couple of days.  So we are close — not only in distance but in friendship.  We will get to see him often and watch how he develops.

Sara reports “Rizzo is doing great and settling in!”


Tara, Jeff, Cameron and Noah travelled here from Michigan to pick up their precious boy, Pavel.


It was a long ride home but Pavel slept, purred and meowed all the way! He is now completely adjusted and has become best friends with their Havanese dog, Mora.

This book is one I recommend to all of our future pet parents. Tara sent me this photo and said "didn't notice the similarity until now. :)

This book is one I recommend to all of our future pet parents. Tara sent me this photo and said “didn’t notice the similarity until now. 🙂

Sleeping on the dog cage

Sleeping on the dog cage

Mira and Pavel, best friends already.

Mora and Pavel, best friends already.


Next to go home was Percy Jackson, beloved kitten of Kristina, Matt, Kate and Julia


Kristina let me know that all was well on Day 1 and “Day 2 went well also!! Percy slept curled up on my stomach all night but, there was no crying. 🙂 He has continued to eat well and use his litter box. He has played a lot and slept a lot today. Anytime someone opens the door he dives under the furniture or burrows under the quilt. But, he comes out and plays and even met two of the neighbor girls that were excited to see him. Now he’s sleeping at the foot of the bed. All is well!! Good night!”


Liliya’s Kittens:

The first of Lily’s kittens to go home was Cholula. Robin came in the morning to pick her up and Jillian and Emmaline could not wait for the school day to be over so they could come home to love on their new baby.


Robin sent me an email the next day: ” I will not continually bother you with updates but we are just so proud of our little Cholula, and she has settled in well here. She slept until the light started to creep in this morning and then woke us up by purring and walking on us and our pillows. I would say that she seems to feel at home here!

She went to the vet this morning, where he pronounced her a “keeper”, and went on and on about her thick coat.
Thanks again for taking the time to get Cholula ready to come home with us. It is clear that she has been well-prepared! She is such a sweetheart, and we love her already.”
Please Robin keep the updates coming – never a bother!!!
















Sue and Mia came on Saturday morning to take their precious bundle home:  Lulu


This is an excerpt from the nice email Sue sent on Sunday:  “I want to give you an update on Lulu’s first 24 hours with us. She is doing great! She came out of her carrier right away, and immediately started exploring the room. She went under the bed and under furniture, but mostly to explore, not to hide. She napped for a bit under the bed, but then came out and was ready to play. She was not shy at all! She showed an interest in her basket of toys, and was ready to play with Mia when Mia brought out a wand toy. She came to us readily and made it clear that she wanted to be pet and played with.”

Mia knows the correct way to play with the wand. She has a “method” with the wand….. she lets Lulu catch it every 3rd pass, and then lets her chase it on the ground. We want to make sure Lulu has some satisfaction!

Mia knows the correct way to play with the wand. She has a “method” with the wand….. she lets Lulu catch it every 3rd pass, and then lets her chase it on the ground. Sue said “We want to make sure Lulu has some satisfaction!”


Safia was the last of the pet parents to pick up her kitten – Raja. Safia had been on vacation to Europe, even visiting Prague where Mr. Silver is from.  And she brought me presents!! Thank you, Safia!!!

Safia took a couple of days off work to be with Raja – so she put a sign on her desk that said “On Pawternity Leave”!!!

We received this photo and email from Safia today:

“I’m happy to report that Raja has adjusted quite well. We just got back from the vet, and they said he is a healthy cat. He loved all of the people at the vet’s office. (I also overheard a technician ask the vet “don’t you just love him?”)

Attached is a photo of us bonding…I think Raja is the best cat ever!”safia-and-raja-480x640


So how does a couple spend their 30th wedding anniversary?  Ours was yesterday, September 13.  We had discussed it several times, thinking of possibly Belize, or maybe Italy, a river cruise like we did on our 25th, maybe an evening in Chicago, dining at a gourmet restaurant.

In the end we started the day helping our children Gene and Julie by meeting a repairman at their house. Then it was greeting Safia and placing Raja, our last kitten to go home from Lily’s litter, in her arms. The afternoon was spent with Jim working on the computer and me taking a two-hour nap.  Late afternoon we went out to eat at Duke’s Alehouse in Crystal Lake where Jim had a chicken sandwich and I had a hamburger. We came home and spent the evening like we do every evening – enjoying a beverage and talking over the day, followed by a little TV.  Definitely nothing glamorous or exciting, but the kind of day a long happily married couple enjoys – just being together!

So now we can take a short break — no kittens in the house — but not for long — Jackie is due in a week. Magdalena and Sophia will follow in October.

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  1. Vicki

     /  September 14, 2016

    What a nice story about Rizzo. I am so glad the little guy has found a great home. My guy Viktor is not so little as I think he has grown a great deal since getting him the first part of August. A week from today is “D Day” – neutering. I tried to explain to him this evening that it will all be alright, but he did not pay any attention to me. Viktor is the sweetest cat I have ever had – at least most of the time! I love him dearly. Happy 30th Anniversary to Jim and Nancy.

  2. Sandi Rasmussen

     /  September 15, 2016

    Adorable kittens as always! Happy 30th Anniversary, too! Duke’s is always delicious.

  3. Leah

     /  September 17, 2016

    Happy belated anniversary Jim and Nancy!!

  4. Dinora

     /  September 29, 2016

    Awww so adorable stories, and beautiful kittens, make me one more haha, for now Maya is the best of the best….for me of course, Im sure all those babies and their new families are loving those precious kitties….thanks J and N…best wishes for u 😊😊


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