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Our Cup Runneth Over!

We absolutely have the very best pet parents! Cindi shared these delightful comments and photos with us; and I want to share them with you!

Hi Nancy and Jim!

Stanislav is just over five months old now and he continues to be such a joy. He is getting his adult teeth already! He likes to follow us around and keeps us company when we are working or studying at home.

I’ve enclosed some pictures so you can see how big he is now!

He truly is so different than any other cat I’ve owned. He was absolutely worth the wait!!




Making progress being friends with Evelyn



Just waking up



Mama no kisses…Well, ok…


Read me another story!


After a tough day of playing!


After my last blog post, “Worth The Wait?”, several pet parents sent photos – what a joy this is to us.  I will share them with you in the weeks to come.

Jim and I thank each of you for being such a blessing to us!  Our cup runneth over!

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  1. letsgetreal2016

     /  September 11, 2016

    He looks just like our Ivan! We got our Ivan and Tasha from you all, and they are doing so well! Ivan is really attached to me, and Tasha is very close to Andrew. Ivan loves to come lay on me when I’m resting. He purrs and purrs as I pet him and stroke him. Tasha likes to hang out with Andrew. Tasha and Ivan are very playful and full of antics. They love to chase each other and run and jump onto the cat tree.

    • Thank you Jennifer! It’s hard to believe Ivan and Tasha will be three years old soon! We have your beautiful paintings to enjoy when we are at our Florida house and we thank you for sharing your talent with us!


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