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New Pet Parents Join the Semper Fi Family

It appears we are up and running again with our email provider.  I say “appears” because we never know when it might happen again.  I recommend you keep my telephone number on file so in the event you do not receive an answer to an email, you can give me a call.

Four more happy pet parents have joined our Semper Fi family.  All but one of Sophie’s babies went home this past week-end.  We still have Viktor with us because his mommy-to-be is vacationing — we will post their photo in a later blog post.

Kristin is the happy mommy of two of our Siberians.  (The two dogs looking longingly in the window are our rescues, Zeke and Carly.)

DSC_0055Walter and Winslow






Kristin sent me a wonderful note saying Walter and Winslow “love to hangout under the coffee tables and chase each other through the  house. The adjustment has gone very well over all and Niko and I are completely in love.”


Kathy and Edward presented Sylvester (affectionately called Sly) to their daughter Stacey as a present.  Pick-up day happily coincided with Stacey’s birthday!



They have sent so many photos since they took Sly home, it was very difficult to pick just one for this post; but I think you will agree, there can’t be a better one than this: imagejpeg_1

Even though Arlene was eligible to pick a kitten from an earlier litter, she wanted to wait until July because she was going to spend time visiting her mother in another state.  We never mind when someone asks to wait; we want it to be the perfect time for our pet parents and the perfect time for our kittens.  Arlene selected an absolutely beautiful kitten and named her Bonnie.  The first day in her new home Bonnie was shy but by the next day Arlene reported Bonnie was playing, eating and doing everything kittens are supposed to do!



On Sunday, we were happy to welcome Gordana, Dave, Maksim and Ilija to our home.  Gordana also waited to get the perfect kitten – she wanted one from Sophie and Mr. Silver.


I talked to Gordana after Sly had been with them a couple of days and she said “we are in love!”

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  1. Vicki Stegall

     /  July 23, 2016

    Greetings from the Danube River. Budapest was a great city – loved it. Hope Mr. Viktor is behaving and not missing his siblings too much.



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