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More Happy Families!

This past week was spent meeting with our new families.  We love when we can bring such joy into their lives and thank them for the joy they bring to us.  Knowing our kittens are now living with families who cherish them as much as we is a tremendous blessing.

Emmy was our first kitten to go home.

Amy, Natalie and Ethan with Emmie

Amy, Natalie and Ethan with Emmy

They were excited to celebrate bringing home this little ball of fur. But that is not the only reason they had to celebrate. We are very proud to show the photo of Ethan who just learned the day before that he placed first place in the Metra Safety Contest for his division.

Congratulations, Ethan!

Congratulations, Ethan!


Stanislav was anxiously awaiting going home with his new family.  And what he didn’t know is that there is a future friend waiting for him – Evelyn, their 13-year-old Sphynx cat.

Mike, Cindi and Zach with Stanislav

Mike, Cindi and Zach with Stanislav


Cindi has already shared some photos of Stanislav.  Looks like he has made himself right at home and is even learning about Anthropology!

Stanislav reading Stanislav on cat tree





Mia is a long-awaited companion to Juliette after her graduation this year.  She and boyfriend John are serving internships at an architectural firm in downtown Chicago.  We offer them both congratulations on their graduation and best of luck for the future!

Juliette with mother, Ruth, and boyfriend, John, and, of course, Mia!

Juliette with mother, Ruth, and boyfriend, John, and, of course, Mia!


Finn lovingly went into the welcoming arms of Beth and her boyfriend, Courtney.  Beth reported Finn was a little nervous when he first went to the vet for his check-up but her vet knew exactly how to make him feel right at ease. A good vet is such an important part of the wellbeing of our kittens and we know Finn will receive the best of care.  Beth also reported that Finn is the sweetest kitten – he plays hard and then falls asleep on her lap.

Juliette and Courtney with Finn

Beth and Courtney with Finn


We are always excited to welcome families back who have already adopted a kitten from us. Jeff, Danielle, Abigail and Lauren adopted Mishka in December of 2014.  And they were no less excited to pick up Karina as a welcome addition to their family.

Jeff, Danielle, Abigail and Lauren with Karina

Jeff, Danielle, Abigail and Lauren with Karina

Jeff reports that Karina is friendly and outgoing.  Mishka is not so sure of her yet but I’ll bet Karina will win him over with her charms!


Charles and Katheryn were so very excited when they found out they had moved up on the list and would be getting a kitten. Sometimes people’s lives change and they have to delay.  We have no problem with this – they do not lose their place on the waiting list and when they are ready, they give us a call.  And the upside is some lucky family gets to adopt sooner than they originally expected!


Katheryn and Charles with daughter, Delaney, and beautiful Ellie

Katheryn and Charles with daughter, Delaney, and beautiful Ellie

And don’t you think, Delaney, wore the appropriate shirt?


Pusheen was the first kitten selected from these two litters and I know she is enjoying going home with Alysia and her sister, Tiffany.  Alysia teaches piano and flute lessons in her home so Pusheen will be serenaded!

Alysia and Tiffany with Pusheen

Alysia and Tiffany with Pusheen


Mr. Sebastian is named in honor of his father, Mr. Silver.  Thank you Traci – we love that you honor our big guy in this way!  Traci also has a Siberian named Sophie, and her daughter Carrie has a Siberian also.  So now Mr. Sebastian joins their family to keep son, Ben, company!

Traci, Carrie and Ben with Mr. Sebastian

Traci, Carrie and Ben with Mr. Sebastian


So it has been a busy several days at Semper Fi Siberians!  Saying good-bye to Jackie’s and Maggie’s kittens AND welcoming into the world Ana’s three boys born Wednesday, June 15 and Lily’s three kittens born early this morning, June 22 (think two girls and a boy).  I need a nap!  Within the next couple of days we will be notifying the next people on the waiting list.

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  1. Amy Schubert

     /  June 22, 2016

    I love seeing the “going home” pictures! It always reminds me of when we got our two special boys. Thanks for posting.

  2. Kathy Lincoln

     /  June 22, 2016

    Hi Nancy and Jim,
    Nice work with such beautiful pictures of happy families. It is the simple things in life that keep us happy and humble. Stacey and I have already had dreams about our little one, Mister Sylvester, “Sly Guy” which symbolizes an independent spirit, creativity, and power. Stacey is looking forward to having him on her birthday, July 16. Thank you so much for your wonderful updates.

  3. Sandi Rasmussen

     /  June 22, 2016

    The kittens are adorable and the families look so happy! We can’t wait for it to be our turn!
    Sandi and Tony Rasmussen


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