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The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

I woke up today feeling better than I have in quite a few days. It was raining but shortly it stopped and the sun peeked through the clouds. The song from Annie started buzzing around in my head – “Tomorrow”

We arrived back in Illinois a week ago Tuesday and each day since seemed to add more work and more worry.

The yard was filled with tree limbs from three months of us not being here.

The house was sparkling clean when we walked in thanks to our beloved Sara. But with two dogs, seven cats and nine kittens in the middle of rain filled days and shedding season, it did not take long for the house to lose that sparkle.

Lots of work in preparation for the nine kittens going to their forever homes – wellness appointment at the vet, photo snapping, communication with pet parents, and feed, feed, feed, and scoop, scoop, scoop!😻😻😻

Feeling sad for myself because we learned our son, Gene, has accepted a new job and will be moving to North Carolina with his beautiful wife and our three precious grandchildren. Yes, you remember correctly – we moved to Crystal Lake to be closer to them and my daughter’s family. But we understand and know this is their life and it is definitely a good choice for them.

And then I got the flu! Was in bed for two days but since I had the flu shot, it has been a quick recovery.

And one of the biggest worries — Zhaklin (Jackie) due to give birth on March 26 and Magdalena (Maggie) due on March 28. Yes, I worry with every birth – I can’t help it – sure it is the mother in me.




Jackie gave birth in the wee hours of the morning of Tuesday, March 29 to three gorgeous babies–2 girls and 1 boy. And yesterday, Wednesday, March 30, Maggie gave birth to five gorgeous babies–3 girls and 2 boys (I think!).  No problems; deliveries went fine and all babies are healthy.

Yesterday our house cleaning team came and did a great job.

Our daughter, Sue Ellen, invited us to dinner tonight.

Thursday: Babies are born and comfortably nursing, my house is clean, Flu is gone, and I don’t have to cook dinner!

And the Etceteras will take care of themselves in God’s timing.

So today is my tomorrow and I am very happy!



Want to put a smile on your face today – watch this you tube video of Tomorrow

Jim and I wish you many happy tomorrows!

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