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The Story of Two Brains

Before you go any further with this post, I recommend you view the following YouTube video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gjnLLw5BTmc

On Thursday evening Jim and I went out to dinner with our daughter SueEllen and granddaughter Neah.  SueEllen says to us both “How is it going with Jim handling all the pet parent contact?” We look at each other and smile. I say “It is a work in progress!”  Everything looked good on paper when we divided the duties, but in real life practice, it is having some hiccups!  And we believe it is because of the boxes!

If one of our pet parents reaches out to Jim and he doesn’t happen to be in his cat box, his response might not go exactly as it should.  Or if he is in one of the sub cat-boxes belonging to Michelle, and Nikki sends him an email, he might not remember that he just told her 9:00 a.m. for her visit but five minutes later, he sends an email asking her what time she will be arriving!

You see, because I don’t have any boxes, all my wires connect and I can talk to Jim and explain who each pet parent is, what the name of their kitten is, what time they are coming to pick up the kitten a week from Thursday and by the way, we have been invited to a party on Saturday night –  would you like to go? –  and oh, I just remembered, my printer isn’t working; could you look at it and see what is wrong!

So Jim has asked me to let all of you know that he is trying very hard and he will eventually remember all of your names, who your kitten is and what time you are coming to pick him up.  He asks for your patience. AND (and this is a very important AND) he asked me to tell you he is a Marine (no such thing as a former Marine or an ex-Marine) which means he can sound a little gruff, or his emails may appear gruff (like when he says ASAP), but underneath he is really a nice guy (his words, not mine!!!).

So why the division of duties?  As I explained in my last blog, I am having some health issues that make it necessary for me to slow down a little.  I received many well-wishes after that for which I thank you.  But I now realize I should have explained it a little bit.  It is nothing life threatening.  It has to do with my eyes – my sight has deteriorated since last Spring.  I was diagnosed with Fuchs Dystrophy and told I was going to need corneal transplants.  Then I was told the surgery could be put on hold for a while but that I have another problem–swelling of the macula–which has nothing to do with the Fuchs.  After all kinds of tests, we have no idea what caused it but are treating it and seeing some progress.  At first, it was almost impossible for me to do computer work or go outside on a sunny day even with sunglasses – the brightness was blinding. For some reason, stress also seems to make things worse.

So….by working together….and with your patience, Jim and I will continue to dedicate our time and love to providing you with wonderful Siberian kittens like Simba, pictured below.  Thank you Heidi for sending this adorable photo.

He's So Fluffy

He’s So Fluffy


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  1. Dinora Hedberg

     /  September 19, 2015

    So sorry your are not feeling well Nancy, I will pray you could get better soon, Im getting emails from Jim and I answered thanking you, haha, everything will be ok with you. And many more kitties will make many families very very happy. Thank you

  2. Korrel Rosenberg

     /  September 21, 2015

    Hi Nancy, I am so sorry to hear that your eyes are getting worse.  I will be praying for your quick and complete recovery. Jezebel is doing wonderfully!  I have attached some pics I took over the weekend.  She is so photogenic.  🙂 Best,Korrel

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