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Zhaklin’s Babies Loving Their New Homes

Yes, it is hard work taking care of four litters of kittens, but so worth it when adoption day rolls around.  Zhaklin’s five babies went to five separate families – and I have to say a heartfelt thank you to these families.  Each and every one of them sent photos and reports right away to let me know all was going well.  I can tell by looking at the photos these kittens are being loved!

Shannon with her precious bundle, Kira:









” I wanted to let you know that Kira is doing great and adapting well to her new home. She has been eating all her meals and has been very affectionate with us.”

Kira from Shannon







Samantha loving Dexter:









“So far everything has been a dream with this little boy. Dexter is  even helping me type this e-mail by walking on my keyboard and rubbing his face on mine! He brings so much love into my heart. He eats well, is very hydrated (he loves his water fountain), plays for hours, cuddles a BUNCH, and sleeps hard! 🙂  I’ve attached some cute pictures to bring you a smile!

Thank you for bringing this beautiful creature into the world!!”

Deter from Samantha










Kathryn, Christopher, Emmett and Luci felt the wait was worth it:







“She loves her toys and is even retrieving them! She is also using her litter box every time she needs to. I have been snuggling with her each night, which we both like… She leans into me and purrs till she falls asleep. It’s so cute. Thank you for such a great kitty. She is truly amazing. Below is a picture of Saffron with the kids playing. ”

Saffron from Kathryn








Elizabeth’s children so excited for her to bring Oscar home:









“Oscar is adjusting well. He made it home safely and is starting to explore! Right now he is giving himself a little bath.”

Oscar from Elizabeth








Sandra and Sasha (her first Siberian) love having Elizaveta join their home:










“Things are progressing nicely.  Elizaveta is playing with toys, using the litter box, and eating.  Sasha is camped out outside of the bedroom door with big eyeballs.”

And just two days later:

“Just to let you know that Sasha and Elizaveta are now very best friends.  They have spent the morning chasing each other and playing.”

I guess Elizaveta is pretty tired from all that playing!





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  1. Julie Garthwaite

     /  May 13, 2015

    Great photos and stories! Hard to believe that will be us in a couple days. Lindsay can barely contain her excitement! 🙂

  2. Amy Schubert

     /  May 14, 2015

    Again it’s proven Semper Fi Siberians are the BEST!


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