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Running on Low!

I have been working on a new blog post for over a week, but for some reason my creative juices are running on low. Must be these lazy “summer” days. Oh, I’m sorry, up north it is winter, isn’t it!😉

In the meantime I thought you might enjoy some photos and emails sent in during the last couple of weeks by our pet parents.

One of our pet parents, Debbie, and I are Facebook friends and I was blown away when she posted this photo of Pashka.image

She actually took this gorgeous photo on her phone!  We both agree this looks like a painting.  A day or so later she posted this one of both her Siberian girls, Pashka and Katya, looking like statues!image

Jim and Nancy,
Thank you for Izzy’s birthday card! We got it in the mail yesterday and the kids are very excited to celebrate her special day with her today! We are so thankful she is a part of our family, she has brought indescribable joy to the kids. Here’s a little collage of our cat Izzy who is all fur and purrs!  Sara



Fable is a very happy, adorable cat. We swear he is still getting bigger every day. He would like to thank you for the birthday card, and share with you his recent rediscovery: snow. With him begging to go outside in the new snow this morning, we just couldn’t keep him in any longer, so I put him on his harness and took him out. Attached are some pictures.

Thank you for our cat. We love him very much. We hope you are well. Morgan















Hello, I just wanted to drop by and let you know how Dax is doing!!! He is THE BEST!! He loves the girls soooo much and can’t wait for them to get home from school. He truly thinks he is one of the kids!! If they are playing a game, he’s right in there too. I don’t think he minds one bit that they wrap him in blankets and pretend he is is their baby!! He has got in the bathtub EVERY SINGLE TIME I’m in there and loves to watch showers!! He likes to sleep with me and Blake with his head on the pillows and his body under the blankets! COOLEST CAT EVER!! He is even a Facebook sensation haha (he has quite the following). He loves fetching balls and bringing it back to us and he loves to play pool! He will put all the balls in the holes and then wait for us to take them out again:) He’s made us extremely happy and we always say how this was one of our best decisions yet! I’ll attach a couple pics of him! I hope all is going well with you two and that someone has bought your beautiful home!!!*  Lisa





Hi  Nancy and Jim,

I hope you two have been well, and that your new year is off to a good start. I was reading your blog and saw that the waiting list** for a kitten is now up to almost a year. Thinking, ahead, I’d like to go on your waiting list to get a sibling for Elsa.













Hi Nancy and Jim!

I just wanted to contact you, to express our continued joy and grown love for the most AMAZING kitten, who we received from you in December. Our Halo (formerly ‘White’ collar) is truly an incredible cat. We had a special bonding on day one, when I arrived to our home from his Palatine departure – the moment I opened his carrier to let him out into ‘his room’, he soulfully gazed into my eyes and adorned me with love, climbing all over me, snuggling against me and purring constantly. To my amazement, his affection has remained like that AND has only grown stronger. He’s wonderful to my daughter and husband, but he’s especially attached to me – follows me everywhere, climbs on my lap when I sit, sits on my computer keyboard when I’m in the office, JUMPS ON MY BACK when I bend down (he taught me that he likes ‘piggy back rides’…he gets all comfortable and doesn’t want to climb down once he’s up there) and of course he snuggles up close against me all night when we sleep. He often lays ON my chest, because he can’t get ‘close’ enough! Our bond is truly amazing – he is the sweetest, most LOVING soul!!!

He’s also surprised us with how incredibly SMART he is. Early on, he taught us that he wants to play ‘fetch’ – since we learned from him, he plays it DAILY with us, initiating the game by bringing his favorite toy to us and setting it at our feet. He even uses his paws in the most interesting way – I’ve never seen a cat do this, but he’s figuring out how to use his paws almost like human hands, often succeeding at picking up toys and throwing them when he wants to. I know some of these qualities were to be expected from a Siberian, but it’s shocking to us to see these traits so early in his youth….I can’t help but believe he is just an EXTRA SPECIAL cat!

I know the LOVING care you provided in his earliest months, and the education you gave us for the transition as owners, was integral to giving him the sense of security that has allowed him to be the best cat he could be – thank you so much for the wonderful gift you give to the world through your Siberian breeding program!  

Love, Jill (and family!)




Hi Jim and Nancy!

It’s almost Hannibal’s birthday, so I figured you might want an update on how he’s doing!

Hannibal had a new babysitter over the holidays — my coworker and her son. They were pretty excited about it! She has a 15 year old Siberian named Kitara, so they’re familiar with the breed. Michael, her son, had a great time playing with Hannibal. He was amazed how much bigger he was than Kitara. I’m sure he has ten times more energy too. They said they’d be happy to watch him anytime!

He continues to be mischievous and a sweetheart! He makes me laugh every day. It’s hard to believe he’s almost two!

Hope you enjoyed your holidays! The new kittens are so adorable. 🙂 Have a great day!

– Shea + Hannibal





Here’s a recent pic of Gracie and Kaz – he has learned to get up on the cabinet above the refrigerator but has forgotten now as he has not returned. Gracie enjoys her naps up there as she is not hassled by little bro.

He is now 7.3 lbs and a looong cat, boding that he will likely be 14-15 lbs when fully grown. Gracie has hit 11.0.

They really look alike don’t they? I would like to think that Kaz is NOT “sticking his tongue out” at me – but with him – who knows!!  John



*If anyone gives us a referral that results in the sale of our beautiful house at Sunset Lake there will be a very special gift for you!

**The length of our waiting list is a projection at this time.  Once our spring litters are born we will have a better indication of how long the wait will be. Births will begin this month!

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  1. Julie

     /  February 15, 2015

    So excited to hear some kittens will start arriving soon! We have our fingers crossed for large litters! 🙂

  2. Barb

     /  February 15, 2015

    Pashka does look like a perfect painting.!!

  3. Amy Schubert

     /  February 16, 2015

    Wonderful stories -so much fun to read. This is an extraordinarily special breed, and you two are the best cattery ever! Hope you are feeling well in FL this year.

  4. czarsmom

     /  February 17, 2015

    Thank you for these adorable pictures and stories. Tasha and Ivan are doing really well, and all 3 cats get along. Ivan is a big boy, and is very adventurous and spunky. He is really handsome. Tasha is very sweet and soft-spoken, and dainty. She and Andrew love each other, and love to hang out together. Ivan has adopted me as his human, and I think he is super. Ivan and Czar like to groom each other. Their grooming sessions often evolve into play fighting. Ivan and Tasha like to chase each other around the house.


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