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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We wish all our pet parents and friends of Semper Fi Siberians a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas came early to several members of our Semper Fi family this year.  December has been a very busy month for us with nine kittens going to their forever homes.

Snowball had quite a greeting party when it was time for him to leave.  Sandrine’s mother had just arrived from France the day before so she could meet the new addition to the family.  They were accompanied by husband, Dave and their three boys Kaiden, Kingston and Teo. I have talked to Sandrine several times since Snowball joined the family and she reports they are all in love with him!


The next week I drove to the Chicago area accompanied by five kittens.  To make the trip more pleasant the “six” of us listened to a book on CD!  As long as the book was playing, the kittens were quiet as could be.

Ksjusha was thrilled when she finally was able to hold her precious Tchaikovsky.  He accompanied her when she flew to join her parents for Christmas.  She said he didn’t make a peep during the plane ride and the person sitting next to her did not even realize she had a kitten with her.


Jeffrey, Danielle, Abby and Lauren welcomed Mishka into their home.  Jeff wrote saying Mishka has been  a superstar through the transition. He pretty much rested on Saturday but by Sunday he was busy playing with them and by himself.  Jeff ended his report on Mishka by saying “He is a joy to have around.”


Emily was very happy to meet Ollie. Emily reported Ollie is a good combination of playful and cuddly and sleeps right next to her at night. They were flying together to Boston for Christmas. I can’t wait to hear how Ollie enjoyed his first plane trip.


I was excited to meet Jill when she came to pick up Halo.  We had several conversations when she was selecting her kitten and was hoping the match was going to be perfect. It was! Jill wrote a beautiful email to us – she said “He  is such a very special cat and we feel so incredibly blessed to have him as part of our family.”


Tatiana has experience raising a kitten. She has worked at a cage free cat society plus she has a male Rag Doll named Milo.  She felt Milo needed a friend so she selected Zhaklin’s beautiful cream male and named him Leo. I talked to her a couple of days after she took Leo home and she said Milo and Leo were already grooming each other!


While I was in Chicago, Jim stayed home to take care of our pet family and to meet Rania and Josh who drove all the way from Kentucky to pick up Pepper.  They have been the first persons on our waiting list for a long time because they were building a home which took longer than expected.  They are finally in their new home so they got a new puppy and completed their family with a Siberian kitten.  Perfect!


Lisa lives very close to our present location of Girard so she was able to bring daughters Addison and Gianna over when the kittens were five weeks old to make their selection.  They chose Zhaklin’s blue and cream. They, too, were moving to a new house so the timing was “almost” perfect.  She picked up Dax on Tuesday and Thursday was moving day.  Everyone survived beautifully!


Kip, Anita and Drew had some commitments so they had to wait until last week-end to pick up Lambeau.  In fact, they have the honor of being the very first family to pick up their kitten in our new home in Crystal Lake (we closed on Friday).  Yes, we are moving – can’t say exactly when – but I will post more about that in a later blog. I talked with Anita today and she said they are loving Lambeau and working through the introduction of their two Siberians.


To use Jill’s words, Jim and I feel so incredibly blessed to have these families join our Semper Fi Siberian family!




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  1. Amy Schubert

     /  December 25, 2014

    Hello and Merry Christmas! What a beautiful greeting on Christmas morning to get a new post -and to see the beautiful kittens with their happy new families. We were just relating some of our “kitty antics” last night with family members. We always get asked about our beautiful kitties and are happy to share new fun stories. Congratulations on your exciting house news -so happy for you! Have a blessed Holiday with your family.


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