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Liliya’s Babies Go To Their New Homes

Liliya (Lily) and Izabella (Izzy) are our two mischief makers – what one doesn’t think of, the other does.  Play should have been their middle name because that is what they love to do. So when Lily became pregnant, Jim and I would often discuss whether we felt she would make a good mother or would she forsake her duties and wander off to find her friend, Izzy.  When we were naming her, we read about the Russian meaning for Liliya: “Where her heart is concerned, she is much more tender, loving and affectionate than she appears to be.”  And this description proved to be true.  Liliya was the perfect mother! And what is even better, her kittens inherited the traits of love and affection as proven by the emails we are receiving from their pet parents.

Thursday, I headed north to my daughter’s home in Palatine with Lincoln, Zoey and Kazimir.  Lincoln’s family was the first to arrive.

Lincoln's Forever Family

Lincoln’s Forever Family

A note from Amy:  “It was so nice speaking with you this evening.  Lincoln is the best. He just is. It is so heart warming having him here in our family…
As I mentioned in our conversation Link likes to fit in with the dogs here at our house. For example the picture I attached made me giggle as he was sunbathing today he was “playing dead”. Silly kitty!!”

Isn't he handsome!

Isn’t he handsome!

Lincoln playing dead!

Lincoln playing dead!

Three of the kittens from this litter went to homes that already had a Siberian kitten previously adopted from Semper Fi.  We offer all of our pet parents guidance during the weeks preceding the day they take their kitten home, but when the kitten is going to a home where there is already another cat, special guidance is required to make sure the introductions go smoothly.  And I am happy to report, that all three cats and their new kitten friends adjusted in record time.

On Thursday evening, Zoey was picked up by her loving family and went home to meet Izzy (not our Izzy but her daughter!):

Friends Forever!

Friends Forever!

Zoey's Forever Family - Daddy is not in the photo but truly enjoying the happiness he sees.

Zoey’s Forever Family – Daddy is not in the photo but truly enjoying the happiness he sees.

This note was received the following Sunday: “Zoey is completely content in the bedroom and has been playing, eating, sleeping, and using the litter box in there with no issue. She’s slept with us every night and the kids go in there to play with her. In time we’ll let her come out more and she and Izzy are still getting used to each other’s smells. Zoey seems so tiny that we’re fine with keeping her in one room as long as she’s content…I feel like if we let her out into the big house we’ll lose her!!”

Siberian sisters in action!

Siberian sisters in action!

“Just a few pictures from Zoey’s first week. A week later and she and Izzy are best buds (that didn’t take long!), she doesn’t mind the dog (gives him a few whacks to put him in his place every day just like Izzy does), and seems right at home. Our family is complete!”

On Friday morning Kazimir and I drove over to John’s home so he could meet his new friend, Gracie.  John wanted me to come there so I could see how he had things arranged and to assist with the introduction.  There was a little hissing on Kazimir’s part which frightened Gracie a little so John, Kazimir and I went to his safe room to begin his adjustment period.  If you would ask John, he would tell you he was very worried about Gracie.  He has had such a special, loving relationship with her and he was concerned this may be threatened with the appearance of Kazimir.  I told John that Gracie will be fine but I am not sure he believed me!


A short time later, we received this email: “Active” Understatement!  This guy is on the go and absolutely loves Gracie.  Feelings seem to be mutual as Gracie will sit outside of his door in the morning waiting for me to let him out. They interact wonderfully and there has never been one hiss or growl. Both seem both playful and tolerant.  Last night the wrestling began for the first time with Gracie pinning him on his back but being gentle – he then wriggles free and comes back at her immediately with both paws wrapped around her neck – he has actually done a few take-downs of her! They are nearly inseparable – he even goes under the bed in my room with her to nap in mid-mornings.”
Big Sis Gracie with Little Brother Kaz

Big Sis Gracie with Little Brother Kaz

And then: “This has been an overall great year highlighted by the acquisition of Kazimir and the wonderful and almost immediate bonding. These two are inseparable and already some mutual grooming is occurring! I’d say that speaks volumes!”

When I headed north to Palatine, Jim headed south to Florida.  Jim had been asked to be guest speaker at two events in the Naples/Fort Myers area – one at the Marine Corps Ball and the second at a Veteran’s Day celebration in our Jamaica Bay neighborhood. Since he was heading south anyway, he offered to meet Barbara in Atlanta to deliver Mischief so she wouldn’t have to fly into Chicago.  We had done this for her last year when we delivered Trouble.  Yes, you read correctly, her Siberians are Trouble and Mischief!  Jim forgot to take a photo that day but Barbara has sent several photos of her two children!

Trouble and Mischief

Trouble and Mischief

I would say the introduction was a huge success!

I would say the introduction was a huge success!

“They are getting along so well and it’s like have a couple of children going wild through the house.   Trouble gets all the Mischief time he wants, I get limited as Trouble runs and gets her to go play with him.  I can’t wait to see what they will do next. I may have paid for Mischief, but she obviously belongs to Trouble. ”

All in all, five very successful transitions!

Jim and I send our very best wishes to each of you and your families for a blessed Thanksgiving.  We are so very thankful for all the members of our Semper Fi family.

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