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Good News/Bad News

What is your answer when someone says to you, “I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first?”  I always say I want the bad news first so we can get it over.  So that is what I am going to do in this post.

And the bad news isn’t about us or any of our kittens. It is a sad story from a fellow breeder that I felt needed to be shared.  Those of you with small children may want to read this first before sharing with them.  We care deeply about our kittens and continue to care as they grow and prosper in their forever homes.  I try to keep all my posts upbeat something you look forward to receiving. This time I have to include some bad with the good – if I can save one kitten’s life, it will be worth it.

Email from a fellow breeder:

“I had a phone call last night that all of us dread… news of the passing of a kitten that wasn’t quite yet six months old.  He’d climbed into the clothes dryer (apparently a habit he had) and this one time she forgot to check before turning it on.  It was only a few minutes before she realized, but by then it was too late… he passed on his way to the emergency vet.

This kitten was one of my bottle babies from my first litter of 2014, and I was particularly attached to him.  I know it was an accident and so didn’t scream and yell at her… I could tell she was wracked with guilt and she will have to live with it for the rest of her life.  I do give a ‘Kitten Care Sheet’ to buyers and that is one of the dangers I mention; she says she always checked except for this once.

I am simply devastated by this news… from now on I will not only give the Care Sheet, but I am going to talk about it with new owners using this first hand experience as an example.  It won’t bring back my precious little boy, but it might save another baby.”
Comments from Nancy:
With the busy lives we lead, it is so easy to get distracted.  We have learned to multi-task. While doing one thing, we are thinking about what we need to do next.  This was an accident and my heart goes out to the breeder but especially to the owner of this dear kitten.
After the breeder posted this on a site I belong to, unfortunately many more stories came through.  We all agreed we need to do something positive with this sad news and that is to send a safety reminder to all of our pet parents.
 Accidents such as these are rare, however, we must all  take precautions for the health, safety, and well- being of our kittens.  Check over your home for potential kitty hazards: venetian blind cords  (a kitten could hang herself, so tie them up if she can reach them), possible escapes to unprotected areas, attention to keeping the lid down on the toilet, don’t turn the washer or dryer on without checking inside first. Kittens will jump into the refrigerator and they absolutely LOVE the dishwasher so take care with closing these doors.  Don’t use your recliner if you have one – underneath is often a kitten’s favorite place to take a nap. Other dangers include rubber bands, pony tail holders, string, plastic bags, dental floss, pins, holiday tinsel and ornaments—these things should never be left lying around.  Make sure that everyone in the family is well trained to CLOSE THE OUTSIDE DOOR and monitor it for a tiny escapee when going in and out.  Designate someone to guard the door and/or the cat whenever guests or workers are going in and out.  I will often lock all of my cats in a safe room when this kind of work is being done.  I can absolutely guarantee that guests/workers WILL leave the  door gaping open without a thought to your kitty.  Be particularly vigilant if you have children coming and going.  The list goes on and on so keep a watchful eye out towards safety. THERE’S A BABY IN THE HOUSE!”

 Hopefully, ending this post on a positive note will make all of us feel better:
And now for the good news.  The pictures below are of the babies from Liliya’s and Sophia’s recent deliveries. Precious little bundles of love.  We will do everything in our power to protect them until we can put them in the arms of their forever families.
Liliya’s Kittens:
Lincoln, reserved for Amy and family

Lincoln, reserved for Amy and family

Nikolai, reserved for Randy

Nikolai, reserved for Randy

Mischief reserved for Barbara

Mischief reserved for Barbara

Zoey has been reserved for Sara and family

Zoey has been reserved for Sara and family

Kazimir reserved for John

Kazimir reserved for John

At 2:50 last Saturday morning Sophie jumped up on the bed and woke me up 10 minutes before my alarm was due to go off!  She said “it’s time.” And I said, “Finally!”
Her first baby was born at 3:12 a.m.  I was able to be with her for this one but then I had to turn everything over to Jim since I needed to leave the house by 4:00 a.m. for my flight to Minneapolis.
Jim and Sophie handled everything very well – we have seven gorgeous babies!  True to form, as soon as they were all born, Sophie moved them under the bed.  This is ingrained into their personalities – what she is doing is protecting them from predators!
Sophia's babies born September 20, 2014.

Sophia’s babies born September 20, 2014.

Five more babies born to Sophie on September 20, 2014.

Five more babies born to Sophie on September 20, 2014.

 The next seven people on the waiting list will be making their selections from this litter in the next several weeks.
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  1. Amy Schubert

     /  September 26, 2014

    So sad to read this – tragedies can happen so quickly; it’s helpful to be reminded about being aware. Glad you also had good news to share……LOVE seeing the kitten pictures. Have I told you lately how much we love our little ones? They are a blessing every day. As are you.

  2. liesfamily@comcast.net

     /  September 27, 2014

    Hi! I am on your mailing list and I just wanted to say that I am so very sorry to hear the news of that special little kitten. I know that it was an accident but, it just broke my heart. I became teary and I actually had to take a minute to gather myself. Words can not express how sad I felt for the family and for you. Such a devastating accident. Life is so precious and hopefully your email will jolt and remind all how precious and sacred it really is. Accidents do happen and we need to forgive and learn and move on from them. I also believe that we all truly need to slow down and live a more simple, less complicated life but sadly, the world doesn’t work like that anymore. I myself, even though was a tiny tot at the time, prefer the 60’s tee hee! I also wanted to let you know that you truly bring so much happiness into so many lives with your beautiful kittens. Thank you for that. The pictures say it all. Thank you so much for sharing them. Those little kittens are truly one of life’s treasures. I truly enjoy hearing all of your stories, especially when it is nearing delivery time. 🙂 Someday, we will hopefully be able to adopt one from you. As of right now, we have a beautiful black lab named Colorado (he was born there and sent to us by friends when our first pet passed- we live in Downers Grove, Ill) He is quite spoiled by me, my husband and our two girls, 17 and 22. We considered signing up on your wait list and bringing a fuzzy loving kitten of yours into our home to love, but after much consideration, we decided to let our lab be truly spoiled throughout his senior years. He is 13 and truly a huge part of our family. He is very frail and we wanted him to have all the love and spoil him every moment of his remaining time. Someday though, if your are still doing this wonderful labor of love,, you will see our name on your wait list. Please keep us on the list! Thank you again for all of your wonderful emails, good and bad news. They continue to remind us how special and precious life is. Thanks again! Phyllis Lies

  3. Shea S

     /  September 27, 2014

    So sorry to hear about the kitten. 😦 Can’t even imagine how awful that would be for all involved.

    Siberians are almost too smart for their own good. Hannibal doesn’t care about the dishwasher, and he can’t get to the dryer, but if he can put it in his mouth… He’ll figure out a way to get it. Pretty sure he’s part goat. I’ve had some very stern conversations with friends about ponytail holders, putting the toilet seat down, anything resembling string, bottle caps, what they throw away in the bathroom garbage (he digs through it like a dog), and zipping purses. Not that it means much. He’ll find a way to get into ANY purse. He’s gotten into Claire’s multiple times, despite all our efforts to keep him out. She even bought a new purse with a different kind of closure! Didn’t matter. He figured it out. She now has to put her purse on top of my bookcase whenever she comes over. That’s definitely a problem I never thought I’d have with a cat!

    He opens the cabinets (remember when I asked about that?) and drawers. If my doors had lever handles, he’d probably figure out how to open those, too. I’m sure my friends all think I’m irrational when I give them a cautionary cat lecture but… I’d rather them think I’m crazy than have anything happen to Hannibal.


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