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So You Think You Want a Siberian!

When prospective pet parents fill out our adoption questionnaire, I give them a call so we can get to know each other. They have questions and I also have questions. They want to make sure we are the breeders they can trust. And we want to make sure they are the pet parents we feel we can trust to provide years of love and care for one of our precious kittens.

Just recently, I have added a new question – are you sure you want a Siberian? I then offer the caveat—Siberians are not going to lay on the couch all day; they want – no demand – to be a part of your life – whether it is helping you open your mail, type on the computer or prepare dinner.

This week we received a delightful email from pet parents, Stephanie and Brian, whose Siberian, Keisel, just turned one. After reading this, tell me – are you ready for a Siberian?
Keisel 1 year

Keisel 1 year - 2

Keisel 1 year - 3

Keisel 1 year - 4





Hi Nancy,

Hope all is well at Semper Fi Siberians! I saw Jim was having surgery on his neck. I hope it is nothing serious and many prayers and well wishes passed his way.

Well our little Keisel turned 1 today! I know you often get to see pictures of him on Facebook, but I wanted to pass some of our favorites along for the blog!

Keisel is such a great cat. We love him so so much, he’s like our child and often acts like one. He’s grown to be a big boy so far, 13 pounds! He’s our cuddle buddy and wildly spirited cat! He is quite a talker, we often have conversations with him through chortling and squeaking. I can’t say it’s quite meowing, it’s his own sort of language. We call him Keisel “The Weasel” sometimes because while he can be the sweetest cat in the world he can also be a stinker sometimes too.

He loves to eat anything and everything so we have to be very careful what is out around the house. His favorite thing to play with, when he can find them, are Q-Tips. We have to take it away from him because he tries to eat the ends. He loves cotton for some reason. We have to lock them up, along with the cotton balls, in another room in a cabinet, because he has managed to open the cabinets and open the bag to get to them. We also got a foot-press garbage can to throw them away, but being as smart as he is, he has managed to figure out how to press on the foot-press and open the garbage lid just enough to weasel a Q-Tip out. You know when he has one, because he runs as fast as he can and tries to hide it under the rug. He loves to grab raw chicken out of my hands when I’m washing it and has even dipped his paw into guacamole!

But beside his weaselly moments, we can’t get enough of our cuddle bug. We have been letting him sleep with us lately and he loves to climb on to my chest and plop his entire body on my face. We have slept cheek to cheek on many occasions. If he is not on my chest, he sleeps in between us, feet up in the air on his back. Or he cuddles with one of our legs. He loves to sleep on Brian’s lap when Brian is on the computer or will often lay in front of the computer screen. The cheaper the toy the better. He loves paper bags and crumpled up pieces of paper. His new sleeping spot is on top of our entertainment system.

In the morning like a child would, he runs into the room and bounces on the bed to wake us up. He tries to get our attention my chirping and scratching at the edge of our bed, only to run out of the room when we tell him no, just to try and get us out to play with him. He has his many bouts of energy where he spontaneously runs around the room so fast across the hard wood floors that his feet slide from under him. He loves to cross his paws on the window sill and watch out for his doggy friend outside. His favorite laying position lately is laying on his back arms and feet up in the air. He lets us give him baths relatively pleasantly once a month. Brian has had no issues with allergies.

Keisel is such a great addition to our family. Everyone who meets him loves him, as do we.

Stephanie and Brian

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