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Dear Diary

Yesterday I had an appointment with my hairdresser, Sara. She asked me how the cats and kittens were doing. I said just fine but Sophie has not delivered yet and her due date was yesterday. After we had a good laugh about the possibility of Jim calling me in the middle of my hair coloring procedure saying “Come home now!”, Sara says don’t the cats just have babies on their own – do you have to be there?

I started thinking…I believe most people probably think the same so I decided to share this week’s diary with you.

Dear Diary,

Pastor Mary Alice left today after sharing some very special days with us during this week. It is now time to turn the guest room into a delivery (birthing) room because Sophie is due on Tuesday. And from the looks of her, she is ready to go now!


So big, Sophie just wants to be on her back.

So big, Sophie just wants to be on her back.

The past two days were spent getting everything set up in the guest room….birthing box, sanitary gloves, scissors, rubbing alcohol, iodine, sanitizer, flashlight, scale, litter box, wastebasket, water, food, record book and pen, two different colors of nail polish.

Pastor Mary Alice moved out and Sophie and I moved in. We sleep there each night. I need to be close in case babies come early. Sophie checks out the birthing box, messes up the towels, making a nest. But not tonight; just getting a little practice.

Today is Sophie’s due date . She doesn’t want to leave my side. I am trying to work on my iPad but she comes and stands on it and starts giving me head butts, purring away. Now she decides to lay down, covering the iPad. I place my hands on her sides and feel the joyful movement of kittens.

The rest of the afternoon passes with no indication that labor is near. Sophie even goes out on the lanai to visit Mr. Silver.

After another evening of watching basketball, Sophie and I go off to bed. About 5:00 I wake up with one of my coughing spells and go out to find a cough drop. Sophie follows. Time to go back to bed – no Sophie! I look everywhere. I mean this cat is huge; it’s not like she can crawl under a chair. Just when I think I better wake up Jim to help in my search, Sophie crawls out of a cupboard in the dining area. (I know how she opened the door, but how she closed it is a mystery to me!) She is looking for a safe place to have her kittens – this is a good thing. With optimism, we head back to the bedroom, but morning dawns (10:30 a.m.!) but still no kittens.

I have a hair appointment today – to go or not to go??? Jim says we’ll be fine. Just put her in her room and I will check on her every hour. I say okay and off I go.

Since no calls from Jim I decided to run some needed errands since I am in the Naples area. Wow, is it late! I better stop at the Publix deli and get something to bring home for supper – I choose Cuban sandwiches. They are so good.

By the time I get home I am starving since I have not had anything since a bowl of cereal at breakfast. I am ashamed to say I don’t even go into check on Sophie before we sit down to eat because Jim said he had just checked her and she is fine.

With a full stomach, I now go into check on Sophie. She immediately comes running to the door and wants out. I sit down on the couch to watch TV and she jumps up on my lap which is normal, but this time, she jumps down after a minute or two. She then goes back to the cupboard, crawls in and crawls right back out.

It is up on my lap again and this time she looks right in my face and starts to pant. I say shall we go to your room Sophie? She comes running. We go into the birthing room at 8:45 and by 9:12, her first kitten is born. It is obvious this whole afternoon and evening she has been waiting for me to get home! I tell this to Jim and I get the look that says “Yeah, right!” Guys just don’t understand how women want their mothers at a time like this and to Sophie, I am her mother!

Jim and I are with her through her entire delivery but this time she really doesn’t need us for little more than moral support. She even delivers a breach baby without our help. Towards the end she is a little tired so we help her cut the cord.

By 10:37 she is all done and is now the proud mother of six kittens. We were expecting eight since that is what she had last time and her pre-birth weight was about the same. But we have only six and they all weighed at least 100 grams which is a very good thing!


So today we are a little tired, but joyful. We are awestruck once again by the miracle of birth.

Lord, thank you for the love animals bring into our lives. We are blessed!

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  1. Amy Schubert

     /  March 27, 2014

    What fun to read all the details! Since I’ve never experienced a pet giving birth I was fascinated by the process. I’m glad everyone is healthy. It does disturb me that you’re still coughing, though. We are loving or Roscoe and Bruno – would it seem unbelievable to you that we’ve fallen more in love with them the last few weeks? I can’t fully explain it, but as much as we loved them from the start, we have all really bonded the last few weeks. We know each other’s personalities, quirks and need so intimately now that it has increased our joy. I was just thinking about you today – I miss our frequent contact and therefore was so happy to see an update!

    • Oh, Amy, I also miss our frequent contact. Let’s keep in touch! So very happy to hear about your deepening love for Roscoe and Bruno. There have been a few days lately when I wonder why we do this. Then I get a note like yours and I say to Jim, “this is why.”

  2. Jane Andrews

     /  March 27, 2014

    And Nancy, all your cats and kittens are so blessed
    because of you!

  3. Such a nice post for you to have shared with us! Can you really feel those babies inside a cat? That’s really something I’ve never thought of, but if its true, it must be amazing! Congrats on the beautiful, healthy litter.

  4. Thank you, Jane!

  5. czarsmom

     /  April 22, 2014

    How fun to read this post. We are really enjoying Ivan and Tasha! Ivan is really getting big! He was 7.5 pounds several weeks ago! And he isn’t even 6 months yet. Tasha is petite. She got spayed about 2 weeks ago, and is doing great.


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