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Excitement: Kittens and Basketball

From the amount of traffic on my blog the last few days, I suspect people are checking it and hoping to see updated pictures of the kittens.

So why have there been no pictures posted since way back in February?

March. What kind of reason is “March” you ask. Oh come on now! March = Basketball.

I love women’s basketball. Okay guys, you say “WOMEN’S?” And I say yes, women’s. If you want to see lots of running and dunking, keep watching the men. If you want to see some REAL basketball, watch the women’s game.

More than I love women’s basketball, I love Lady Vols basketball from the University of Tennessee. Conference championship play has been going on with me glued to the TV. And guess who else watched the games with me? Lily!

Lily roots for the Lady Vols!

Lily roots for the Lady Vols!

Tennessee won the SEC conference title! The score was 71-70!

And who is Tennessee’s biggest rival? Well, actually who is every team’s biggest rival? Connecticut. And who did we move next door to? Probably Connecticut’s most loyal fans! Go figure! So Jim puts up the Lady Vol flag for me at the entrance to our driveway. And what do the neighbors do? They hang up a Connecticut lady basketball sweatshirt! (Charlie and Diana–I know you aren’t going to believe this, but they are very nice people!)

So be forewarned, NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship is from March 22 through April 8. If you hear “sorry I can’t come to the phone right now”, you know where I am!

Okay, that’s enough. Let’s get to the kittens! Izabella’s four beautiful kittens are all reserved and the new pet parents have given them their names. I would like you to meet:





Izzy, Jr.

Izzy, Jr.



We love having the kittens in the bedroom with us. They have all been friendly from the very beginning and now are even climbing on the bed to sleep with us. We have a new cat tree ordered for them which is supposed to arrive Monday. They are going to love it!

And I received some very exciting news today. Our Maverick who was from Nadeah’s final litter went to Truly Siberians Cattery in Washington State. Raina messaged me today that Maverick is now a daddy of two beautiful kittens…and one looks just like Maverick!

Maverick, Jr. only a couple hours old

Maverick, Jr. only a couple hours old

Hope you all have a fun Saint Patrick’s Day. We are going to the parade in Naples tomorrow. Oh dear, I better go see if I have anything green to wear!

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  1. Amy Schubert

     /  March 14, 2014

    Oh what a fun post to read! What are the chances the “enemy” lives right next door! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the basketball and thanks for showing the latest kitty pictures. John says our kitties get away with mischief just because they’re so cute! You look at their little faces and you forget they threw their toy in their water bowl then got water all over while “fishing” it out! You just have to laugh, scoop them up and give them a kiss! (Then get a towel to clean up the floor!). Enjoy your parade.


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