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Man Wanted For Long Term Relationship!


UPDATE:  I am happy to report we have found a loving home for our Amy.  She will be spending her winters in Florida with a retired gentleman and then move to the northeast for the rest of the year.  We will be delivering her when we leave for Florida later this month. 


Did the title of this blog get your attention?  No, I am not looking to replace Jim!

We have a sixteen-month-old, spayed,  Black Brown Mackerel Tabby Siberian female in need of a special kind of home. She is a sweetheart to men, but cannot tolerate the pheromones of females; plainly spoken, she doesn’t like sharing her love and affection with another female of the human species. Neither our veterinarian nor we can explain this rare phenomenon. She must go to an all-male household where she doesn’t need to share her affection with a woman.

We would like to place her before we leave on our annual trip to Florida later this month.  Therefore, we are willing to home her to the right place for no charge other than delivery if the person is unable to come to our location.  She is registered with The International Cat Association (TICA), and is in excellent health with all vaccinations up-to-date. If you know anyone who may be interested in adopting this sweetheart, please call us at Nancy at (217)-823-5482 or Jim at (217)-823-5483 for more information and pictures. As with all of our cats and kittens, the prospective pet parent will need to fill out our adoption questionnaire which appears on our website.

Any assistance my blog followers can provide in finding a loving home for this beautiful Siberian will be greatly appreciated.

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