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Christmas Blessings

Izzy loves the Christmas tree.

Izzy loves the Christmas tree.

Jim and I hope each of you enjoyed a blessed Christmas.  Ours was filled with many blessings and a few trials!

First of all, Mother Nature decided to show us she was in charge when she delayed the mating of mothers, Jackie and Tia, with Mr. Silver.  This meant Semper Fi Siberians would have two litters of six-week old kittens at Christmas time.  How then could we join our family in the northwest suburbs?  It was obvious, we would have to stay home this year.  Who in their right mind would take eleven kittens plus two mothers on a four-hour drive?  That is a great question but the answer is:  Jim and Nancy would – we are not real fond of the phrase “it can’t be done!”

But we didn’t stop at 13 – we decided that Lily, Izzy and Sophie needed to go with us too so that meant we needed to take 16 felines – yes SIXTEEN! Our neighbor Cody (God bless him!) took care of Zoe, Mr. Silver, Zeke and Carly.  Our daughter, SueEllen, took great joy in posting on her Facebook page that her parents were coming for Christmas and bringing 16 cats with them – you can imagine the comments she received!

Of course, we had to take two cars.  Jim’s experience of loading a ship came into play when he had to pack cat cages and tents, canned food and dry food, litter boxes and litter, cookies, clothing, toiletries, and lots of presents!  The drive was uneventful for me but Jim reported Jackie meowed in his ear the entire way.  So guess who got Jackie and her kittens on the way home?  You are correct – me!  However, another quiet ride!  So what does that say? I think Jim doesn’t play the right music on the radio!

We arrived safely at our daughter’s home on Monday night and got all the kittens and cats settled.  We then had the opportunity to meet our newest pet parents for allergy tests.  Everything went beautifully so Matthew and Lois plus their children Lilia, Luke, Rachel and Katherine selected a kitten and named her Isabel. Then Mike and Megan met our beautiful tortie kitten and decided she would be theirs.  So all of our kittens from these two litters have been reserved.

Christmas Eve morning arrived to find me feeling rotten – I don’t know if it is a bad cold or the flu but it is still hanging around so it is probably just a cold.  I didn’t get to help daughter, SueEllen, prepare for the night’s festivities but she pulled it off with a calmness that her mother has never been able to achieve!  I finally got out of bed, got dressed and went downstairs to a wonderful sight – my family all gathered together – including our grandson, Keegan who surprised us by flying in from Twenty Nine Palms, CA where he is stationed with the Marines.  Unfortunately, our son Mark was not able to join us because his work schedule didn’t allow enough time to travel to and from Omaha.

Christmas Eve Grab Bag

Christmas Eve Grab Bag

After a delicious cocktail buffet prepared by SueEllen, our tradition is to have a grab bag on Christmas Eve.  This is a tradition brought to our family by our great son-in-law, Mike. We all bring several inexpensive presents, pile them in the middle of the floor, and starting with the youngest to the oldest, we take turns selecting gifts from the pile.  Lots of laughs and lots of trading make for a fun evening.  On Christmas day each family stays at home so Jim and I spend Christmas morning opening presents and having breakfast with SueEllen and family and then go to Woodstock to join Gene and family for more presents and a delicious dinner – our daughter-in-law Julie is an excellent cook.

Grandma and Grandpa with the grandchildren.

Grandma and Grandpa with the grandchildren.

Lindsay's boyfriend Scott is missing from this photo because he is the cameraman.

Lindsay’s boyfriend Scott is missing from this photo because he is the cameraman.

From our family to yours, we wish you a New Year that is filled with good health, happiness and peace!

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  1. Amy Schubert

     /  December 29, 2013

    Lovely family photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello there! This is Neah’s piano teacher, Stefanie. I had no idea you were a blogger as well. But it doesn’t surprise me–us animal lovers are a strange breed:). I loved reading about your Christmas celebrations (with the many fluffballs!) at SueEllens. I’ll be following your blog, for sure. Check out mine about my horse!


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