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Sophie’s Blue Ribbon Babies and Nancy’s Blue Ribbon Chocolate Cake

Thank you for your patience as I spent the last two weeks preparing for and competing in the culinary competitions at the Illinois State Fair.  I received many emails wishing me well and asking me “how did things go?”  Your interest and support have meant so much to me – THANK YOU!

If you are interested in seeing all of my results, you can do so by accessing http://www.agr.state.il.us/isf/competition/namesearch.php?ec=1&yc=28&first=Nancy&last=Bathurst&company=&x=19&y=9.

Yes, I enjoyed winning the ribbons; the culinary world is my passion!  BUT, I was very lonely for my kittens, cats and dogs while I was gone – and, oh yes, Jim too!  On Sunday, when I walked into the room where Sophie and her kittens were, I choked up with emotion.  In just that short time, the newborns had become beautiful kittens with eyes wide open. They are definitely Blue Ribbon Babies!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They are exactly two weeks old in these photos and are already developing their personalities. I was concerned about how Sophie would be able to handle 8 kittens but she has done marvelously. They are gaining weight every day.

This last photo is for you Eva! Eva is the super Siberian breeder from the Czech Republic who allowed us to adopt her handsome Mr. Silver. Since that time we have become Facebook friends. Several months ago she posted a picture of a beautiful chocolate cake surrounded by strawberries. I believe it was just a photo she had seen because she didn’t actually have the recipe. I told her I am putting this on my bulletin board and I will use it for inspiration for the state fair. So this is what I came up with”

2013 Illinois State Fair Calling All Chocolates First Place

2013 Illinois State Fair Calling All Chocolates First Place

Thank you Eva!

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  1. charlie

     /  August 21, 2013

    congrats now ihave to go home and bake achocolate for diana hope i dont have disaster like the the dinner ifixed for you guys

  2. Chuck Gill

     /  August 21, 2013

    Congratulations on your ribbons at the State Fair!

  3. Mary Cunningham

     /  August 21, 2013

    No connection for video – I have java! Hmmmm – guess I will just have to come by sometime! When does the next group leave the happy nest? PMA Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2013 19:40:04 +0000 To: mary_alice_56@hotmail.com


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