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Final Chapter, Cat House on Wheels

We left Bonita Springs showing 90 degrees on our thermometer. Four days later we arrived in Girard, IL to cold weather and 15” of snow. Now how smart was that decision?

The trip home went smoothly except for a couple of hiccups like the coach warning alarm going off while we were driving down the interstate at 60 mph. For two days heavy winds tried desperately to push us off the road. But my hero, Jim, solved the first problem and fought the second one and won!

One night was spent in a Cracker Barrel parking lot. Jim made this deal with me last year. When we are on the road, if I agree to dry camp (for non-RV enthusiasts this means without hook-ups to water, sewer and electricity), I don’t have to fix dinner; we go out. That is why we go to Cracker Barrel; they are always so gracious about accommodating RVers. If you are thinking, “well of course they go out; you can’t fix dinner without electricity and water”; I do have to confess we have a generator and a large holding tank of water. But a deal is a deal!

For those of you who have been following our Cat House on Wheels, I am sure you are wondering, with all these restaurant visits, what has happened to Nancy’s waistline. So I just got on the scales—gain of 5 lbs. Well, back to watching those carbs!

I am happy to report the stud pants worked for Mr. Silver after we learned to tighten them properly. We were going to take a picture of him in his new “duds” to show you, but Mr. Silver said “No Way!” We decided to let him keep his dignity.

This has been an exciting week for the first three people on our waiting list. Shelly was the first to pick from Jackie’s litter. She and her three beautiful children selected our very spunky torbie girl. They have not been able to decide on a name as yet. The family already has two Siberians who will join in welcoming this new baby.

I'm looking for something to pounce on.

I’m looking for something to pounce on.


Shea selected our gorgeous black/silver male and already had the name picked out. Meet Hannibal! Shea spent last evening playing with all three kittens and was so excited she had absolutely no allergic reaction. We feel so honored to be able to make Shea’s dream of owning a cat come true.

Mommy. thank you for my new blanket!

Mommy. thank you for my new blanket!


The sweet, beautiful silver/girl will be going to live with Carmen and Maurice. KittyWampus has been wanting a playmate since he went to live with them last November. Wampus, can you wait until May? We will anxiously await the name they select.


I know I am beautiful!

I know I am beautiful!


As I bring this chapter to a close, I think back to the first chapter. I told you our friends and family thought we would be wise to stay home this year since we would be travelling with one dog and six cats. And I said “we can handle this.” And then I proceeded to comment “Time will tell who was right.” So I guess, now is that time. Who was right? Well, let me answer it this way. We did have an enjoyable vacation but I am not very excited about repeating it any time soon! Will there be a sequel in 2014? What’s your guess?

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  1. Shea

     /  March 29, 2013

    Thank you so much for letting me come play with the kittens yesterday! I am BEYOND excited. It was so neat to see all their little personalities already taking shape. And that picture with the blanket just kills me! Too cute!! You are definitely going to be a spoiled kitty, Hannibal. 🙂


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