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Chapter Seven, Cat House on Wheels

Last Saturday was one of those days when you say, I should have stayed in bed all day because if anything was going to go wrong it happened that day—not big things, just the little things that when added all together make for a very unpleasant day.

It started off with breakfast. We decided to go to a new restaurant located in the building that used to house one of our favorite dinner places. I ordered a waffle which I haven’t done in a very long time. I was really looking forward to this special treat; the menu said “filled with dried cranberries and walnuts”. My mouth watered just thinking of it. Well, it arrived. First of all, it was lukewarm and then it was so tough you had to cut it with a knife. You say “not the end of the world” and you are right.

After breakfast I went to Publix (by the way, the greatest grocery store ever!) to buy diapers. You are now thinking “diapers????” Yes, we are desperately trying to find a way to allow Jackie and Mr. Silver in the same room together so I was going to fashion some makeshift stud pants. I stand in the diaper aisle. What size should I buy….newborn? Mr. Silver looks about the size of a newborn baby. Well, maybe I should go by weight…so I end up with size one…take them home, cut out a hole for the tail. Jim holds Mr. Silver and I try to stick his tail in the hole. Jim says you’re going to need a bigger hole than that! So out come the scissors again. Let’s try this one more time. Mr. Silver is not liking this one bit and we soon realize we are a few days late in trimming his claws! So Jim says you hold him and let me try. By this time it is obvious I bought the diapers about two sizes too small so if anyone needs a large pack of diapers less one for an 8-14 lb. baby, let me know!

So now for my next project. We are invited to dinner on Sunday evening at the home of some wonderful friends, George and Pat Connell. George has challenged me to a chocolate cake bake-off. He wants me to bake my cake that won the “best cake of the 2012 Illinois state fair” and he is going to make a chocolate cherry cake. Pat tells me George has never baked a cake in his life. I am thinking I shouldn’t do this. If you remember my story about the pumpkin cupcakes, you know my current set-up is not conducive to producing quality baked goods. Well, even though the little voice inside me keeps saying you should not do this, I ignore it. This time I pay great attention to make sure I have all the ingredients lined up in the proper order on one side of the mixing bowl and when they are added to the bowl, the container goes on the opposite side so I don’t forget anything. When it comes time for the cocoa I glance at my recipe where I have written “do not use Dutch cocoa.” I look at the cocoa I brought from home and not only does it say Dutch, it says Double Dutched! Now what do I do? I google “can you use Dutch cocoa in place of regular baking cocoa?” This takes me to the Joy of Cooking site that says never use Dutch cocoa in a recipe calling for regular baking cocoa–it will not work. Well, I didn’t like that answer so I went to another site. This site says you can use the Dutch cocoa in a recipe calling for baking cocoa if you leave out the baking soda. Okay, I liked that answer! I didn’t have my work-horse Kitchen Aid mixer with me but I did have a hand mixer so I proceeded to mix the ingredients together. The recipe makes three layers so I had to bake them separately in my “postage stamp” sized oven. I do not like this oven but its one redeeming feature is it has a glass door so you can see what is going on. I kept watching and watching, waiting for the cake to rise. It wasn’t happening! Finally when the buzzer went off, I did my normal test method for doneness–pressing my finger lightly in the middle of the cake. The cake sprang back so I took the pan out of the oven and put in the next layer. Same testing process with all three layers. The cakes cooled and when I tried to remove them from the racks, it was obvious they were not done on the bottom. I tried putting the layers back in the pans and baking some more….and some more! I haven’t had the heart to throw the whole thing out yet, the three layers are wrapped and sitting in the refrigerator waiting for me to get the nerve to at least take a bite. Needless to say, we went to the dinner party sans chocolate cake. We took roses instead! (George’s cake was delicious!) Now, back to Saturday.

It is now almost 4:00 p.m. and with great anticipation I turn on the TV to watch my favorite women’s college basketball team, THE Lady Vols, play is the SEC semifinal game. They lost!

Dear Lord, help me to remember the good things in life and not just the bad.

            The Good Things: Jackie's Babies, 2 1/2 weeks old

Black/Silver Boy

Black/Silver Boy

Torbie Girl

Torbie Girl

Silver Girl

Silver Girl

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  1. I enjoy reading this blog, I especially liked the little prayer at the end. Next time I see a diaper I’ll be thinking of Mr.Silver!

  2. Love them all, Nancy ! Healthy, happy and fat kittens. I am so proud. Thank you for all care and love you are giving them .


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