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Chapter Six, Cat House on Wheels

Greetings once again from all the inhabitants of the cat house on wheels.

There are days when I say to myself, why are you doing this? Open cans, feed the cats; clean the cats’ litter boxes; change the cats’ water; clean the litter boxes again; keep Mr. Silver away from Jackie (sorry, Buddy, not now); clean the litter boxes one more time; put kibble out for cats; clean the….whoops, get in the car–go buy more litter.

And then I go in the bedroom and look at the precious three little babies, and I no longer have to ask the question because the answer is looking up at me with newly opened eyes.

12 days old, eyes wide open

12 days old, eyes wide open

They are so precious. I find myself just gazing at them for long periods of time. They sleep so soundly that sometimes I have to reach down and touch them to make sure they are still breathing.


Jackie and her babies are loving their little cubby hole we have prepared for them.  Jim took the door off a floor level storage area and it is the right size for a bed which we have covered with a special heating pad for pets.  We also have an infrared light which shines in the area to keep their living accommodations the correct temperature.



The only thing better than being able to witness their birth and growth is watching the faces of the new pet parents when I place their own special kitten in their arms.  And those pet parents are now trying to decide which kitten to take home and love forever.  Which one would you choose?

Torbie Girl

Torbie Girl

Black Silver Boy

Black Silver Boy

 Blue Silver Girl

Blue Silver Girl


With Easter coming up in two weeks, I want to warn all pet parents that Easter Lillie’s can be toxic to your cat. After eating even a small amount, your cat will vomit and become depressed within two hours. Call your vet immediately. Delay can lead to kidney failure. To read more, go to this site:



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  1. Shea

     /  March 8, 2013

    Oh my gosh! They’re already SO BIG!

  2. Jane Andrews

     /  March 9, 2013

    They are sooooooooooo sweet and beautiful, and I love reading you stories!


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