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Zhaklin Introduces You to her Babies

We are so very proud of Zhaklin’s first litter of absolutely precious Siberian kittens. Semper Fi Amelia of Sibano is the official name of the one girl of this litter, but will go by the name of Amy. Because Amy is going to be a breeder, she has already gone to her forever home with Kris at Sibano Siberians. Both Kris and we are extremely excited about the quality kittens she will produce when she is old enough. For now she is enjoying being spoiled by Kris and her daughter, Brittany.

The two red boys are nearly identical and we have to keep nail polish on one of their paws so we know which one is which. Jan had first selection of the boys and she named him Mr. Chipping and will call him Chips.

The brown mackerel tabby boy (almost identical to Amy) was selected by Joe. He will be called Archer.

Carmen is so very excited we had a red boy for her because that is exactly what she wanted. She is naming him Kittywampus but will call him Wampus. What is even more exciting is Wampus gets to go home with Carmen on her birthday. What possible better birthday present could there be than your own lovable Siberian kitten.

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