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We Have Babies!

Nadeah and Duke are now the proud parents of two beautiful baby boys!  They were born Saturday, July 7, and the photo shows them at three days old.  The adoptive parents will probably wait a few weeks before they decide on a name.  They will want to wait until the kittens have their eyes open and are prancing around so they can see their personalities.  We will let you know.

You will also want to stay tuned to our blog because we have a couple of exciting announcements to make in the very near future. It is never a dull moment at Semper Fi Siberians and “That’s The Way We Like It”!

Two beautiful boys born July 7, 2012

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  1. My husband and I brought home recently a Red McTabby/white Siberian boy kitten who is now 14 weeks’ old. He resembles one of your handsome babies here (His breeder was the same as your stunning Nadeah!) I enjoy following your blog very much and look forward to hearing more about your fabulous Siberians!

    • Thank you for your nice comments. What did you name your Siberian boy?

      • We named him Ivan, as we love Russian names! He is a treasure, and I can’t say enough wonderful things about Siberian kittens. Your kittens are gorgeous; Siberians are truly a wonderful breed and so very affectionate. Enjoying your blog very much!

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